ManageEngine OPManager Plus Network Monitoring course & Lab

ManageEngine OPManager Plus Network Monitoring course & Lab

ManageEngine OPManager Plus Network Monitoring course & Lab

OPManager Plus course with a full lab / Learn & Practice / Configure Network Devices and Servers /SNMP, Netflow, Reports

Language: english

Note: 4.2/5 (19 notes) 3,972 students

Instructor(s): Yaz Becker

Last update: 2022-08-20

What you’ll learn

  • Learn ManageEngine
  • Monitor Network
  • Monitor Servers
  • Learn OpManager Plus
  • Monitor Apps
  • Monitor Bandwidth
  • Deploy ManageEngine OpManager
  • Deploy a full Lab ( Cisco, Fortigate, Sophos, MikroTik)
  • Configure Firewalls SNMP and Netflow



  • Basic IT Knowledge



Full ManageEngine OpManager Course with a GNS3 Lab to download. In this training you will learn all important elements in ManageEngine OpManager Plus and You will be able to practice it in lab.

This is the Best course available in the market that will make you be confident in deploying the tool and monitoring all your infrastructure (Network , Servers , Applications)   

OpManager Plus is an IT Operations Management Solution that proactively monitors the network for performance, storage, bandwidth, configuration changes, compliance, and security. It is 100% web based and supports a wide range of vendors and technologies. It’s easy-to-use and works out-of-the-box.

Network Performance Monitoring Monitor network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, etc., for health and performance via SNMP and CLI protocols.

Network Traffic Management Monitor and analyze bandwidth using Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, IP FIX and more. Find out top conversations, source-destinations & top applications and shape traffic by applying ACL.

Network Configuration Management Backup & monitor startup and running configurations of network devices via Telnet and SSH protocols. Get alerts for unauthorized configuration changes.

Physical & Virtual Server Monitoring Monitor Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware, Hyper-V & Xen servers for CPU, Memory & Disk utilization. Also, monitor Windows services, TCP services, processes, events and more.

Firewall Log Management Collect, archive and analyze firewall logs for security and compliance. Monitor and edit firewall policies to track user behavior and enhance network security.

IP Address & Switch Port Management Manage IP addresses (IPv4 & IPv6) and Switch Ports for space, availability and history.

Applications Monitoring Ensures high uptime and optimal performance of business-critical applications, both within the data center and on the cloud. Provides monitoring support for popular applications and their underlying infrastructure components from a single monitoring console


Who this course is for

  • Network Engineer
  • Administrator
  • IT Manager
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Architect IT
  • IT Support
  • HelpDesk
  • NOC Engineer


Course content

  • Intro
    • PROMO
    • You have a question? Chat directly with Yaz
    • Understand What is SNMP
    • What is Syslog?
    • What is WMI ?
    • OpManager Plus Licensing
    • What is ManageEngine OpManager Plus? What Are The Requirements?
  • OpManager Plus Architecture, Requirements & Licensing
    • Live Demo Site OpManager Plus
    • What is SNMP, OID, MIB ?
    • What is GNS3?
  • Steps To Deploy Lab
    • To Download Resources For The Lab
    • Lab Deployment Part 1
    • Lab Deployment Part 2
    • Lab Credentials
    • Troubleshoot lab / devices not responding
    • Add Sophos XG to GNS3
    • Sophos XG Initial Configuration
  • OpManager Plus Deployment & Installation
    • Installation OpManager+
  • Configure Network Devices ( Fortigate, Sophos, MikroTik, Cisco)
    • Enable In Fortigate SNMP & Netflow
    • Enable In Mikrotik SNMP & Netflow
    • Enable in Sophos XG SNMP & Netflow
    • Configure SNMP v3 Cisco
  • OpManager Plus Get Started
    • Add devices into OpManager Plus
    • Add Windows & Linux Servers
    • Enable SNMP in Windows
    • Monitor Virtualization
    • ManageEngine Application Manager Plug-in
    • Agent Deployment
    • Folders & Files Monitoring
    • Process & Service Monitor
    • Outage Simulation
    • NOC View
    • Rebranding ManageEngine OpManager Plus
    • Business View
    • Quick Configuration & Devices Dependencies
    • Notifications Profiles
    • Monitor Custom OID
    • Quick Configuration Wizard
    • Script Monitors
    • Workflow Feature
    • Alarm Escalation Rule
    • Device Downtime Schedules & Device Down Settings
    • URL Monitor
    • Syslog Rules, Alarms & Syslog Forwarding in Fortigate
    • Enable Syslog on Cisco
    • Enable Syslog on Sophos XG
    • Reporting in OpManager Plus
    • Integration with Slack
    • Netflow Monitoring
    • Config Management & Config Change
    • Setup Compliances & How To Schedule Compliances Reports
    • IP Management
    • ManageEngine Tools


ManageEngine OPManager Plus Network Monitoring course & LabManageEngine OPManager Plus Network Monitoring course & Lab

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