Managing stress at work

Managing stress at work

Managing stress at work

Be proactive about reducing your level of stress

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Managing stress at work



In today`s business world where we have to do many things fast, the level of stress at work can sometimes be high enough that it can negatively impact our emotional, psychological and physical health. That`s why we need to take proactive measures to reduce stress in our daily work activities.

The most important thing is to be self-aware, which means to understand our emotions, and then manage them so that we are in balance, we build positive relationships with the people around us and we are performant in our work.

Following solutions are ways to reduce stress that are fully dependent on us: having self-respect and showing up confidently so that people also treat us with respect, being efficient and results-oriented so that we don`t risk missing important deadlines, seeing failure as a stepping stone, not the end of the road, taking breaks, resting, spending time in nature to re-energize our bodies and clear our mind.

We also need to be mindful about our interactions with other people and how we can handle them so that we keep the stress level reasonable. We should learn to accept constructive feedback, we should not engage in conflicts, we should replace impulsive reactions with intelligent responses and we should have a thick skin.



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