Master Best Vedic Maths & Mental Maths Tricks Animation-2022

Master Best Vedic Maths & Mental Maths Tricks Animation-2022

Master Best Vedic Maths & Mental Maths Tricks Animation-2022

Speed Easy Fast quick Techniques tricks key concepts quizzes shortcuts IQ skills memory techniques by Vedic &Mental math

Language: english

Note: 4.7/5 (268 notes) 23,111 students

Instructor(s): Devaki subbalakshmi

Last update: 2021-11-30

What you’ll learn

  • You will be learning Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction, of Numbers in 1/10 of time what you normally take.
  • You will be learning how to find Square and Square roots of Numbers in 1/10 of time what you normally take.
  • You will be learning how write tables quickly, 11’s multiplication,9’s multiplication which saves a lot of your time in real world.
  • You will be learning Basics of Number, Numbers classification and its functionalities
  • You will be learning Percentages, Ratios, Averages along with Interest related questions, how to solve them quickly
  • You will be learning which are best techniques in Vedic Maths, whit this you can eliminate Answer choices and you find the right answer in fraction of Seconds
  • This Course benefits you to stay out of the Crowd and to be No.1 in this Competitive World
  • Our Course makes you from Strongly Mental to Mentally Strong
  • Techniques that boasts the Confidence to keep Pen and Paper away and Calculate in Mind
  • This Course makes you to work like a Mind Calculator.
  • This system will change your mind about mathematics and you will be able to enjoy it more and more.



  • Students who have passion to learn Vedic Math Techniques which makes their life easy
  • People plans to save their valuable Time by avoiding lengthy Calculations
  • People who are interested to learn Math with fun Through Animated Videos




Are you or your children or your friends struggling with Math? Do you want to become a human calculator? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in this course and have fun with Math. This course contains the world’s fastest Vedic maths techniques. It contains many solved examples, and exercises. This course contained examples that are explained in detail. how many of you can solve the questions in given time.

Can you find the Cube Root of 778688 in 5 seconds?

Can you Multiply 103 x 107 in 5 seconds?

Can you multiply 938643 x 999999 in 8 Seconds?

Can you write the tables from 1-100 without remembering?

Can you find cube and Square of any numbers from 1-100 in 8 seconds?

Can you multiply any two three digit numbers in 10 seconds?

Can you find the remainder of 9538792648 divided by 8 in 10 seconds?

Can you tell what is final price of product after 3 continuous Discounts by calculating in Mind?

Can you eliminate the Answers, if contains a complex calculations, by without solving them exactly?

If not then through this course you will learn high-speed Vedic mathematics, which will enable you to calculate much faster. You will be able to calculate difficult calculations in seconds which will boost your confidence Math is just calculation so this course will improve your calculation skill and you will be able to perform better.

How Vedic Math can help you?

• You would be learning how to speed up calculations which are blocks in mathematics.

• Sharpens your mind and increase’s intelligence in all your day to day activities.

• Improves memory and boost self-confidence

• Become a mental calculator for yourself

• Eradicates fear of math completely

Here I am going to tell you how our course is different from others

1. Our Course is designed through White Board Animated Videos, So you can avoid seeing the face of Trainer by looking at pictures you can learn course, which improves your attention.

2.Your trainer is an expert with 15 years of Experience in teaching.

3. You will gets the Knowledge contains in 50 best Vedic Maths books, behalf of you I went through all those books and taken the best out of them and created this Course for you.

4. Here you see how to apply the learned techniques in Real time World

5. Here we don’t teach but we train you to solve.

6. We the testprep24 team is available 24*7 to clarify your doubts.

What Students Say about Our Course :

  • Greatest Course ever seen in Udemy. – by—–Yeeshu Das Manikpuri

  • I loved Vedic Maths and it made my calculations more easier — by —- Ansh Suryan

  • Explained all the topics and lessons. Would recommend to everyone looking to gain insight on the fundamentals of basic math concepts and techniques to help in their competitive exams — by —-  Fasih Mohammed

  • This Course is just amazing. Mental Maths is something which fascinates very much. I love the content being provided -by —–   Meetu Kaur.

  • Amazing course with good techniques that are explained -by—-  Nitin Bhushan

  • ek no bhai !!! keep up ! All the best! — by—- Aakash Fofindi

  • Yes it was a good match for me it helps me solving – by—Agamjyot Singh Maan

  • This course is short and Sweet — by —-Santhosh

  • Its just amazing and these tricks gonna help me a lot in solving problems much accurately – by—- B.Leena

  • Very informative Course — by– Satinder Rana

  • Wonderful Techniques with good explanation –by —-  Saurabh Pandey

  • Yes. Very informative Course, worth spending. – by– Vrinda

  • Amazing videos and Amazing tricks. — by —-  Durgesh Sharma

  • The lecture is straight to the point, it is great — by—- Robert Zvara

  • Yes, this really helps me in calculation –by —- Shoaib Ahmad

  • Its very good. Complex things are explained very simple — by–  CRR Varma


Who this course is for

  • Audience of all Age Groups, who wants to add some smartness in their work by saving their time.
  • Students appearing for any Competitive exams any planning to stay Ahead of others students and stay out of crowd.
  • People who wants to play with numbers and work like a Human Calculator
  • People who is planning to cross their fellow students in Maths subjects by increasing their speed


Course content

  • Techniques to find Square root & Cube root
    • Square root technique
    • Cube root technique
    • Practice questions
  • Techniques to find Square of a number
    • Technique 1
    • Technique 2
    • Technique 3
    • Practice Questions
  • Techniques to find cube of a number
    • Cubing Technique
  • Technique to Write Tables
    • Technique to Write Tables
  • Multiplication Techniques
    • Technique 1 & 2
    • Technique 3
    • Technique 4
    • Technique 5
    • Technique 6
    • Technique 7
    • Practice Questions
    • Technique 8
    • Technique 9
  • Division Techniques
    • Division Techniques
  • 11’s rule & 9’s rule
    • 11’s rule
    • 9’s rule technique 1
    • 9’s rule technique 2
    • 9’s rule technique 3
    • Practice Questions
  • Mixed Fraction Techniques
    • Techniques to find Mixed Fraction
  • Process of Elimination Using Digital Sum
    • Digital Sum 1
    • Digital Sum 2
    • Digital Sum 3
    • Digital Sum 4
    • Digital Sum 5
  • Numbers
    • Numbers Classification
    • Integers Classification
    • Fibonacci Sequence & BODMAS
    • Decimals & Place Value
    • Conversion of Decimals to fractions & Recurring Decimals
    • Operations through Fractions
    • Mixed Fraction, Factors & multiples
    • L.C.M & H.C.F 1
    • L.C.M & H.C.F 2, Sum Of Factors & Number of Factors
    • Factorials
    • Divisibility Rules
  • Ratio & Proportion
    • Ratio & Proportion Introduction
    • Dividing & Combining Ratios
    • Proportion
    • Types of Proportion
  • Percentages
    • Introduction to Percentages
    • Percentage Change & Conversion of Percent into Fractions
    • Examples
    • Percentage _ Examples
    • More Examples
  • Profit & Loss
    • Profit & Loss Introduction And Formulae
    • Examples
    • Profit or Loss Percentage
    • Successive Discounts
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
    • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Averages
    • Averages Introduction & Examples on linear data
    • Examples on non-linear data
    • Example Problems
  • Mixtures & Allegations
    • Mixtures Introduction & Example
    • Example 2
    • Example 3
  • Rates
    • Time & Distance Intro And Formulae
    • Rates Example 1
    • Rates Example 2
    • Rates Example 3
  • Counting
    • Permutation & Combination Introduction
    • Permutations Examples
    • Approaches
    • Conditional Slots
    • Examples
    • Probability Introduction & Examples
    • Independent & Dependent Events
    • Types of Questions in Probability
    • Progressions
  • Problem Solving Techniques
    • Approximation Technique 1
    • Approximation Technique 2
    • Elimination Technique 1
    • Elimination Technique 2
    • Substitution Technique 1
    • Substitution Technique 2
    • Quiz on substitution technique
    • Solutions to quiz questions
    • Sequencing Technique 1
    • Sequencing Technique 2
    • Sequencing Technique 3


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