Master CSS Bootcamp 2022 with Animations, Transitions, Flex

Master CSS Bootcamp 2022 with Animations, Transitions, Flex

Master CSS Bootcamp 2022 with Animations, Transitions, Flex

CSS for Absolute Beginners! Learn CSS from scratch and implement your learnings.

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (3 notes) 744 students

Instructor(s): Data Is Good Academy

Last update: 2022-03-28

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction of CSS and it’s Fundamentals.
  • Learn about CSS Formatting such as Colors, background, borders, margins, etc.
  • Implement CSS Layouts like float, overflow, clear, width and max-width, etc.
  • Learn about CSS Math function such as Cal() function, max() and min() function.
  • Learn about CSS Borders like Rounded Corners, Border Images, etc.
  • Try CSS Backgrounds such as Multiple Backgrounds, 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms, etc.
  • Learn how to add Animations and Transitions.
  • Learn how to Implement the object-fit Property.
  • Learn about the User Interface and box sizing.
  • Learn how to implement how to add Image Reflection and Multiple Columns.



  • Must have basic knowledge about web development and HTML.
  • Advanced HTML or web development knowledge will help to learn easily.
  • No CSS knowledge is required.
  • You will learn everything about CSS from Scratch!



Welcome to the amazing course of CSS(Cascading Style Sheet).

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Where HTML is what defines the structure and content of a web page, a Cascading Style Sheet is a web document that allows you to change the appearance of the HTML. CSS is easy to learn and understand, but it provides powerful control over the presentation of an HTML document.

This course is best for you to CSS, you can learn everything from scratch.

In this course, you will cover:-

  • Introduction of CSS, CSS Versions, CSS Syntax, How To Add CSS, CSS Comments, etc.

  • Introduction to CSS Colors, CSS Background, CSS Borders, Margins, Padding, etc.

  • Introduction to Links, Lists, Tables, CSS Layout, CSS Position, etc.

  • Learn about the CSS Layout – Horizontal & Vertical Align, CSS Combinators, etc.

  • Learn about the CSS Pseudo-classes and examples of Pseudo-classes.

  • Learn about the Navigation Bar, Dropdowns, Image Gallery, Images, Specificity, forms, etc.

  • Learn how to implement CSS Attribute Selectors.

  • Learn about Math function such as Cal() function, max() and min() function.

  • Learn about CSS Borders, Multiple Backgrounds, Color Keywords, etc.

  • Introduction to CSS Gradients, CSS text, and box-shadow.

  • Learn how to use CSS 2D and 3D Transforms.

  • Introduction to CSS Transitions and Animations.

  • Introduction to CSS Tooltip and Image Reflection.

  • Introduction to CSS Buttons, Pagination, User Interface, etc.

After finishing this course, you will become an expert in CSS. We are also providing quizzes.

You will also have access to all the resources used in this course.

Instructor Support – Quick Instructor Support for any queries.

Enroll now and make the best use of this course.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who is Absolute beginner in web development.
  • Anyone who wants to learn Web Development from scratch.
  • Anyone who wants to learn CSS or wants to be an expert in CSS.
  • Anyone who’s excited to learn about the CSS features.
  • Already have CSS knowledge but want to learn more about CSS.


Course content

  • CSS Fundamentals
    • Introduction of CSS
    • CSS Versions
    • CSS Syntax
    • How To Add CSS
    • CSS Comments
    • Universal Selector and Element selector
    • Class Selector and ID selector
    • Grouping Selector
    • Quiz on CSS Fundamentals
  • CSS Formatting
    • CSS Colors – Part 1
    • CSS Colors – Part 2
    • CSS Background – Part 1
    • CSS Background – Part 2
    • CSS Borders
    • Margins
    • Padding
    • CSS Height and Width
    • CSS Texts
    • CSS Box Model
    • CSS Outline
    • CSS Fonts
    • CSS Icons
    • Quiz on CSS Formatting
  • CSS Layout
    • CSS Links
    • CSS Lists
    • CSS Tables part-1
    • CSS Tables part-2
    • CSS Position
    • CSS Layout – Display Property
    • CSS Layout – Width and Max-Width
    • CSS Layout – Overflow
    • CSS Layout – float
    • CSS Layout – clear
    • CSS Layout – Horizontal & Vertical Align-part-1
    • CSS Layout – Horizontal & Vertical Align-part-2
    • CSS Combinators-descendant and child selector
    • CSS Combinators – adjacent sibling and general sibling selector
    • CSS Pseudo-classes
    • Examples of Pseudo-classes
    • CSS Pseudo-elements
    • CSS Opacity / Transparency
    • CSS Navigation Bar
    • CSS Dropdowns
    • CSS Image Gallery
    • CSS Attribute Selectors part-1
    • CSS Attribute Selectors part-2
    • CSS forms part-1
    • CSS forms part-2
    • Quiz on CSS Layout
  • CSS Math Function
    • Cal() function
    • max() and min() function
    • Quiz on CSS Math Function
  • CSS Borders and Background
    • CSS Rounded Corners
    • CSS Border Images
    • CSS Multiple Backgrounds Part-1
    • CSS Multiple Backgrounds Part-2
    • CSS Color Keywords
    • Introduction to Gradients
    • CSS Linear Gradients
    • CSS Radial Gradients
    • CSS Conic Gradients
    • CSS Text Shadow
    • CSS Box Shadow
    • CSS Text Effects-Text Overflow and Word wrap
    • CSS Text Effects – Word Break and Writing mode
    • CSS Web Fonts
    • CSS 2D Transforms Part-1
    • CSS 2D Transforms Part-2
    • CSS 3D Transforms
    • Quiz on CSS Borders and Background
  • 6. Animations and Transitions
    • CSS Transitions
    • CSS Animations Part-1
    • CSS Tooltip
    • CSS Animations part-2
    • CSS Image Reflection
    • CSS The object-fit Property Part-1
    • CSS The object-fit Property Part-2
    • CSS the Object-Position Property
    • CSS Buttons Part-1
    • CSS Buttons Part-2
    • CSS Buttons Part-3
    • CSS Pagination Part-1
    • CSS Pagination Part-2
    • CSS Multiple Columns
    • CSS User Interface Part-1
    • CSS User Interface Part-2
    • CSS Box Sizing
    • Quiz on Animations and Transitions
  • Outro Section
    • Conclusion
    • How to Get Your Certificate of Completion
  • Final Section
    • Bonus


Master CSS Bootcamp 2022 with Animations, Transitions, FlexMaster CSS Bootcamp 2022 with Animations, Transitions, Flex

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