Master in HTML & CSS Coding for Web Design

Master in HTML & CSS Coding for Web Design

Master in HTML & CSS Coding for Web Design

[100%] You will learn HTML & CSS with Practical, that will support you to create / design a website in different way.

Language: english

Note: 4.5/5 (41 notes) 12,008 students

Instructor(s): Faisal Zamir

Last update: 2022-10-28

What you’ll learn

  • You will from basics, how to write code in HTML properly to design a website
  • You will learn how to design a website from basics level using HTML and CSS
  • You will learn Advance Coding for HTML5 and CSS3
  • You will learn how to Insert images, videos, audios and work on that in a web page
  • You will learn How to create a basic structure of website or web theme in HTML and CSS
  • You will learn Advance CSS, as transition, animation, 3d transform and 2d transform etc.



  • There is no prerequisites for this HTML & CSS Course for Web Design




This course contain All Video lectures and Study materials related to HTML and CSS. These are two technologies that are necessary to learn if you want to become a Web Designer.

For your knowledge, there are two thing in website creation, one is front end and other is back end. You can cover Front end section of website creation using HTML and CSS or with other skills (optional).

So, in this course, our main purpose is To Provide Full Practical Coding in HTML and CSS as well as theoretical

Instructor Experience and Education:

Faisal Zamir

Master in Computer Science

5+ Year Experience in School, Colleges, University etc

Our Uniqueness (We Focus Always):

You should know that we always focus on something,

  • Quality

  • Clear Topics

  • Examples

  • Assignments

  • Exercises

What you will Learn in this Course?


HTML is the hypertext markup language which is a basic and fundamental Web Language to create a basics of website components. For example, if you want to create a basic structure, insert any media field like image, video, or audios, or controlling width & height, or create and control text-based content, all these activities are done with writing code in HTML.


CSS is the cascading style sheet, which has responsibility for website look, beauty, and attraction. We cannot use only HTML for website creation, we need to learn CSS, which is must not optional. Because without HTML we cannot create a website using CSS and without CSS we cannot work with HTML. Because attraction, beauty, and good design of a website is the basic unit of a successful website. There are different topics you will learn in CSS as Basics, Selectors, Margin & Padding, Outlines, Text properties, Float, Shadow, Border, Specificity  etc.

Advantage of this course

When you Enroll to this course you will get following advantages:

  • Surely, you will get Video Lectures

  • We will Provide Assignments for your Practice

  • We will Provide Problems and their solution when require

  • We will Provide PPT Notes and other Notes when require

  • We will Provide all Source Code as we write in Course

  • Proper Management in Study Materials

Thank you!

Faisal Zamir


Who this course is for

  • It is for those, who want to become a good Web Designer


Course content

  • Chapter 01 HTML Web Designing
    • Chapter 01 Introduction to HTML
    • HTML Introduction and Basic Structure
    • HTML Attributes with Examples
    • HTML Headings and Paragraph with Examples
    • HTML Comments with Examples
    • HTML Quotations with Example
    • HTML Assignment
  • Chapter 02 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Style Attribute with Examples
    • HTML with CSS in Three Methods with Examples
    • HTML Block and Inline Level Element with Examples
    • div and span Element with Examples
    • HTML Class with Examples
    • HTML ID Attributes with Examples
    • Bookmarking with ID and Hyperlinks with Examples
  • Chapter 03 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Formatting tags with Examples
  • Chapter 04 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Color with Examples
  • Chapter 05 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Image insertion with Examples
    • Image Importance in Website
    • Image as Link in HTML
    • HTML File Location Path with Examples
    • HTML Links with Examples
    • HTML Absolute and Relative URLs with Examples
  • Chapter 06 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Table Part 1 with Examples
    • HTML Table Part 2 with Examples
  • Chapter 07 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Unordered and Ordered List with Examples
    • HTML Data Definition List with Example
  • Chapter 08 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Head Part Elements P1
    • HTML Head Part Elements P2
  • Chapter 09 HTML Web Designing
    • HTML Layout Semantic Element
    • HTML Layout Creating Methods
    • HTML Layout DIV and HTML5
    • HTML Web Layout using Div Tag P1
    • HTML Web Layout using Div Tag P2
    • HTML Web Layout using HTML5 Semantic Tags
    • HTML Bad & SEO Friendly Layout
  • Chapter 10 HTML Web Designing
    • JavaScript in HTML
    • PHP in HTML
  • Chapter 11 HTML Web Designing
    • What is Semantic Element
    • List of Semantic Elements
    • Layout Creative Semantic Elements
    • HTML Recommendation
    • Complete HTML Characters Details
  • Chapter 12 HTML Web Designing
    • Introduction to HTML Form
    • HTML Form Elements Introduction
    • input Element in Form
    • Radio and Checkbox
    • Input Element Attributes
    • Label Element in Form
    • Select Element in Form
    • Textarea Element in Form
    • Button Element in Form
    • Fieldset and Legend
    • Action Attribute in Form
    • Name Attribute in Form
    • GET and POST method
    • Novalidate Attribute in Form
    • HTML Form autofocus attribute
  • Chapter 13 HTML Web Designing
    • Multimedia in Details
    • Audio Insertion in Web Page
    • HTML Audio Attributes
    • All Audio Events
    • Video Insertion in Web page
    • HTML Video Attributes
    • All Video Events
  • CSS Chapter 01 Web Designing
    • CSS_Chapter_01_Introduction
    • CSS Introduction with Examples
    • CSS Simple Selectors with Examples
    • CSS in HTML with Different Methods
    • CSS Attributes Selectors with Examples
    • CSS Combinators with Examples
    • important Keyword in CSS with Examples
    • CSS_Comments_with_Examples
    • CSS_Colors_with_Examples
    • CSS Background in Web Page with Examples
  • CSS Chapter 02 Web Designing
    • CSS Button with Examples
    • CSS Fonts with Examples
    • CSS Shadow with Example
    • CSS Text Properties with Examples
    • CSS Gradient with Examples
    • CSS Opacity Property with Examples
  • CSS Chapter 03 Web Designing
    • CSS Float Property with Examples
    • CSS Overflow with Example
    • CSS Display Property with Example
    • CSS Visibility with Example
    • CSS Multiple Column with Examples
    • CSS Icons Font Awesome with Examples
  • CSS Chapter 04 Web Designing
    • CSS Box Model
    • Border in CSS with Examples
    • CSS Outline with Examples
    • CSS Padding with Examples
    • CSS Margin with Examples
  • CSS Chapter 05 Web Designing
    • CSS Specificity with Examples
  • CSS Chapter 06 Web Designing
    • CSS Pseudo Element
    • CSS Pseudo Classes Part 1
    • Pseudo Class for Form Part 2
  • CSS Chapter 07 Web Designing
    • CSS 2D Transform
    • CSS 3D Transform
    • CSS Transition
    • CSS Animation
  • CSS Chapter 08 Web Designing
    • CSS Table
    • CSS Pagination
    • CSS Link
    • CSS List
    • CSS Navigation or Nav bar
    • CSS Drop Down Nav
    • CSS Form
  • CSS Chapter 9 Web Designing
    • CSS Media Queries P1
    • Make a Responsive Design with CSS Media Queries P2
  • HTML CSS Quiz
    • HTML CSS Quiz


Master in HTML & CSS Coding for Web Design

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