Master the Game of Learning and Development

Master the Game of Learning and Development

Master the Game of Learning and Development

Action plan to build a successful learning ecosystem to make L&D, one of the essential function of the organisation

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Ashok Sharma



Welcome to this program MASTER THE GAME OF LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT. To make learning and development successful in any organization it’s very important to build a strong and successful learning ecosystem. Once you have all parts of the learning ecosystem in place, it creates a culture of learning in which each employee has the opportunity to learn. A good learning ecosystem has three major parts. In this program, you will learn about each part in detail.

The first part the learning ecosystem! Is the training program itself? You should know how to design training programs that create an impact in the organization. This is the bitter truth that most of the training programs which are executed generate only learning scrap, this means the learning done in these programs is never utilized in the organization. This is a good waste of organizational resources, so in this program first thing, you will learn how to build the first part of the learning ecosystem, designing effective, and impactful training programs!

The second part of your learning ecosystem! Is the learning infrastructure, the right kind of infrastructure can help you a lot in terms of running your learning ecosystem in a smooth way. This learning infrastructure will be a game-changer in your learning ecosystem if all the parts of this are designed correctly, and utilized properly. In this program, you will learn about all the essential elements of the learning infrastructure and the optimum way to utilize them!

The 3rd part of your learning ecosystem is the communication and the reporting. The way you communicate training programs to the audience, it creates a big difference in term of participation. If you are not able to create training a participative activity you will not be able to take the learning function far.

The second important thing is the reporting of learning. Reporting to the individual, reporting to the managers, and reporting to the leaders, the continuous reporting of learning programs and overall learning progress is an essential part of a learning ecosystem. The right type! Of reporting, at right time, to the right audience can be a big impact on the overall learning system. In this course, you will learn how to create the right reporting channel which makes your learning reachable with the implementation of both pull and push modes of learning.

Master the Game of Learning and Development



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