Master your goals

Master your goals

Master your goals

A new appraoch to set and achieve smart goals

Language: english

Note: 4.9/5 (4 notes) 81 students  New course 

Instructor(s): Haffadh Hicham

Last update: 2022-03-27

What you’ll learn

  • Set relevant goals that comply with your personality
  • Understand goals engineering and its use to find your purpose in life
  • Deprogram yourself from past experiences for accelerated self development
  • Use of logical analysis to filter the effect of emotions on choosing the right goals
  • Plan better to achieve any goal
  • Discover a new way to manage your goals



  • No experience is required ! You will hack the process of understanding goals engineering rapidly


Master your goalsMaster your goals



This course introduces a completely new method to set and achieve goals based on understanding the connexion between goals. Efficient tools such filtering, analysis and sorting can be applied to our daily life goals to make them controllable and doable. Goals setting and goal achievement topics can be hard sometimes, since there are a lot of subjunctive ways of learning them, but if we apply logic, engineering and concrete methods, everything would be easier.

The course  introduces a whole process: from understanding the reason why goal setting is difficult to the optimum assessed plans that could be used to achieve them, explaining a variety of concepts related to the field of goal setting and achievement. You will build your own system that selects for you the most convenient goals and guides you to achieve them efficiently, without being overwhelmed by the complexity of the field.

By following this course, you will answer the most difficult question that humans ask so often on a daily basis:

Why do I feel anxious when you find a huge number of available options?

What is my life goal?

Why do I fail in achieving my goals.

Why do I have more tendency toward some actions?

How to succeed in balancing between different goals?

Learn how to find your life goal!  How to set goals that must be achieved, and enjoy the skills learned in this course.


Master your goalsMaster your goals


Who this course is for

  • Learners with less ability to decide for what to do in their life
  • Learners who wasted time in following the wrong passion
  • Learners who struggle with emotions vs logic in decision making
  • Learners interested in understanding the relationships between goals and plans
  • Learners who do not know how manage goals
  • Learners who do not know how achieve goals
  • Learners who are curoius about learning new fields of knowlege related to goals


Course content

  • Introduction to goals enginnering
    • Introduction
    • The general process
    • The general process
  • The categorization principle
    • What is Categorization?
    • The five major categories
    • Examples on categorization
    • Can you categorize it?
    • Rules for categorization
    • Is this a correct rule?
    • Assignment N°1 : Categorization
  • The principle of Sorting
    • What is sorting?
    • Why is sorting important?
    • The classical method of sorting
    • Assignment N°2: The classical method of sorting
    • Personality tests for sorting
    • MBTI vs Motivation sorting test
    • Assignment N°3: Sorting suing personality tests
    • Observation and recording
    • sorting through observation
  • Code Analysis
    • Your code is your treasure
    • The main motivation
    • The brakes
    • The comfort zone
    • The main tool
    • The seconadry tool
    • The relation between categories
    • Code Analysis
    • Case study :Jack
    • Case study : Vanessa
    • Assignment N°4 : Code analysis
  • The principle of filtering
    • What is filtering?
    • The CFLT methode
    • Assignment N°5 : The CFLT principle
  • Planning & engineering
    • The “what?” and the “how? phases
    • From an idea to a system
    • Assignment N°6 : The money category plan
    • Adapting the system to your code
    • Building generic systems
    • Assignment N°7 : The relation system using generic plans
    • Using assessed plans
    • Assignment N°8 : How to build a learning system?
  • Summary
    • Summary of the course



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