Mastering American Culture and Business for Newcomers

Mastering American Culture and Business for Newcomers

Mastering American Culture and Business for Newcomers

A Three-Part Course Focused on American Culture, Socializing in America, and Conquering American Business

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Instructor(s): Ryan S

Last update: 2022-08-30

What you’ll learn

  • Basic American History and Culture
  • How to Socialize With North Americans
  • How to Succeed in North American Business
  • How to Become a Successful Leader in North America
  • You’ll be taught by two American lawyers who are the children of immigrants and know what it takes to succeed as someone new to America



  • A working knowledge of English will be helpful. That said, don’t worry if English is not your first language–just listening to our videos and our use of the English language will help improve your English skills!
  • While this course is focused on helping immigrants and newcomers from Asian countries succeed in America, ANYONE looking to learn more about American culture and succeeding in American business can benefit from this course
  • A willingness to take the concepts learned in this course and apply them in real-world settings



America has its own unique culture and rules. No matter how educated or hard-working you are, to succeed in America, it is absolutely necessary to learn the cultural norms that make America so unique. That’s where we come in.

This course is dedicated to helping  Asian immigrants and newcomers from other countries master the cultural skills that are necessary for succeeding in America.

The course is taught by two American lawyers–Ryan and Kristian–who share their knowledge and experience about what it takes to succeed in North America. The course contains over 100 videos which are separated into three complimentary sections: (1) American Culture; (2) Socializing in America; and (3) American Business Culture.

In the First section, we address American Culture with videos such as American History (The Civil War, the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, etc.), American Food, Politics, American Hygiene, American Drinking Culture, American Drug Culture, and What’s Illegal in America.

In the Second section, we address Socializing in America. Here, the curriculum dives into topics including Making Friends in America, Restaurant Etiquette, Cultural Faux Pas (i.e. Cultural “No-Nos”), Dating in America, and American Sex Culture.

Finally, in the Third section, American Business Culture, we use the knowledge you’ve gained to show you how to succeed in American business. Here, we cover topics such as Drafting a Resume, Conquering the Interview Process, Asking for a Raise or Promotion, and Giving an Unforgettable Speech.

While the course focuses on helping Asian businesspeople and students, the content is general enough that anyone looking to learn about American culture and business can benefit from our videos.

Join us and and unlock the secrets to succeeding in America as a newcomer.


Who this course is for

  • Immigrants and newcomers from Asia and elsewhere who want to succeed in American business and social circles
  • Anyone looking to become an effective American leader
  • Anyone Looking to learn more about American culture, socializing in America, and American business


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • American Culture
    • History: American History
    • History: The American Revolution and The Start of a Nation
    • History: The Civil War
    • History: The Great Depression of 1929
    • History: World Wars I and II
    • History: Jim Crow Laws and the Civil Rights Movement: 1950s and 60s
    • History: The Vietnam War
    • History: September 11th and the War on Terror
    • History: The Black Lives Matter Movement
    • History: COVID 19
    • Food: American Food and Eating Habits
    • Food: Famous American Foods and Where to Find Them
    • Politics: Politics in America
    • Politics: American Politics Parties
    • Politics: Asian Communities and Modern American Politics
    • Geography: America’s Physical Geography
    • Geography: America’s Cultural Geography
    • Religion in America
    • Fashion: American Fashion and Clothing
    • Fashion: Dressing for the Occasion for Men
    • Fashion: Dressing for the Occasion for Women
    • American Sports
    • American Hygiene
    • Gender: Gender in America
    • Gender: Femininity in America
    • Gender: Masculinity in America
    • Gender: Closing Remarks on Masculinity and Femininity in America
    • American LGBTQ+ Culture
    • Alcohol: American Drinking Culture
    • Alcohol: What to Drink in Different Settings
    • Alcohol: Different Types of Alcohol
    • Alcohol: How to Drink
    • American Drug Culture
    • Transportation in America
    • What’s Illegal in America?
  • Socializing in America
    • Making Friends: It’s Not Personal/Getting Over the Fear of Talking to People
    • Making Friends: To Make Friends, Start by Looking Within
    • Making Friends: Types of Friends
    • Making Friends: Where to Meet Friends
    • Making Friends: Meeting Friends Online
    • Making Friends: Meeting Friends Offline
    • Becoming a Master Conversationalist: Making an Introduction
    • Becoming a Master Conversationalist: Keeping a Conversation Going
    • Becoming a Master Conversationalist: Off-Limit Topics
    • Becoming a Master Conversationalist: Ending a Conversation
    • Developing and Maintaining Friendships: What to do Within 24 Hours of Meeting
    • Developing and Maintaining Friendships: Your Second Meeting
    • Developing and Maintaining Friendships: Consistent Follow-Up
    • Always Look for Opportunities to Help Others
    • Treat the Janitor with the Same Respect as You Treat the Owner
    • Restaurant Etiquette
    • Restaurant Etiquette: Making a Reservation and Dress Code
    • Restaurant Etiquette: Arriving and Getting Seated
    • Restaurant Etiquette: Western Utensils and How to Use Them
    • Restaurant Etiquette: Ordering Food and Interacting with Bussers and Waiters
    • Restaurant Etiquette: Etiquette While Eating
    • Restaurant Etiquette: Dining Conversation
    • Restaurant Etiquette: Paying the Bill and Tipping
    • Cultural Faux Pas: What Not to Do
    • Cultural Faux Pas: Who Not to Say
    • Social Media Etiquette: LinkedIn
    • Social Media Etiquette: Twitter
    • Social Media Etiquette: Facebook
    • Social Media Etiquette: Instagram
    • Dating: Where to Find a Date
    • Dating: Asking Someone Out on a Date
    • Dating: First Come First Serve
    • Dating: Interracial Relationships
    • American Sexual Culture
  • Succeeding in American Business
    • American Business
    • Drafting a Resume
    • Conquering the Interview Process: Preparing for the Interview
    • Conquering the Interview Process: Do Your Research
    • Conquering the Interview Process: Interview Etiquette and Body Language
    • Conquering the Interview Process: Thank You Notes
    • Conquering the Interview Process: Handling Technical Interview Questions
    • Conquering the Interview Process: Common Interview Questions
    • Going From the Mailroom to the C-Suite
    • Going from the Mailroom to the C-Suite: Gain as Much Experience as You Can
    • Going from the Mailroom to the C-Suite: Time and Dedication are Unavoidable
    • Going from the Mailroom to the C-Suite: Look for Opportunities to Add Value
    • Going from the Mailroom to the C-Suite: Adopt a We Not Me Approach
    • Going from the Mailroom to the C-Suite: Always Deliver and Do So on Time
    • Handling Difficult Conversations in the Workplace
    • Asking for a Raise or Promotion
    • Interacting with Superiors and Work Colleagues
    • How to Interact at Social Events vs. Work Events
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Entertaining Your Audience is Your Top Priority
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Enthusiasm
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Smile
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Tone, Pacing, and Pausing
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Using Humor
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Using Props
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: The Shorter the Better
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Slides Are for Your Audience’s Benefit
    • Giving an Unforgettable Speech: Practice, Practice, Practice
    • Conclusion


Mastering American Culture and Business for Newcomers

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