Mastering Figma For Beginner

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Mastering Figma For Beginner

Mastering Figma For Beginner

Mastering Figma For Beginner

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Wawan Purwanto

Last update: 2022-07-06

What you’ll learn

  • learn figma
  • learn user interface with figma
  • introduce figma
  • create prototype
  • create design mobile apps



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  • beginner
  • internet



Welcome to my Class

Hi People

In this course, we will study the user interface design of an App with Figma.

Reaching a life achievement or career achievement must start from zero, why?

In some cases or we see examples of vegetable development, starting from seeds, planted, watered, growing into small trees, being cared for, and growing into vegetables. the same as learning starts from 0 to advanced level.

I believe the learning process is a journey that must be taken either from small things or from level 0, level 1, or level 2 to become proficient it takes time to achieve it.

When learning something or if there is an achievement to be achieved, take for example if you want to become a UI design expert, we must be consistent and give free time to study.

The journey to becoming an expert must be from level 0, level 1 is like playing a game, in reaching to become an expert it is required to focus on one area first. if it has been produced and is known as a UI expert, then it is developed from UI design to icon design.


icon design is an inseparable part of UI design assets or material design.

This course is for designers & people changing jobs to UI or UX design. even proficient it’s okay to learn the basics of Figma apps

which will be learned from zero to middle level :

– introducing apps user interface design

– introducing Figma

-introducing Figma tools

– Create a mobile design with Figma

– Create Prototype

– Prototype settings.

so enjoy the journey in every learning from level 0 to becoming an expert.

Thank you


Who this course is for

  • Pemula belajar design user interface
  • Pemula belajar design user experince
  • pemula ganti karir ui design
  • Pemula ingin belajar design aplikasi figma


Course content

  • Intro
    • Pengantar
  • Chapter 2 Basic Figma
    • Chapter 02-01 intoducing figma
    • Chapter 02-02 download & Install figma
    • Chapter 02-03 Introducing Toolbar
    • Chapter 02-04 Frame
    • Chapter 02-05 Layer & Group
    • Chapter 02-06 Basic Shapes
    • Chapter 02-07 Image Setting
    • Chapter 02-08 Text Tool & Margin
    • Chapter 02-09 Slider & Button
  • Chapter3 Prototype
    • Chapter 03-01 What is prototype
    • Chapter 03-02 Create Page Prototype
    • Chapter 03-03 Setup Prototype



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