Mastering Shopify Theme Development – Online Store 2.0 A-Z

Mastering Shopify Theme Development - Online Store 2.0 A-Z

Mastering Shopify Theme Development – Online Store 2.0 A-Z

You will be a Shopify Expert after completing this course and you will able to do your client work as a Shopify Expert

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (2 notes) 3,818 students

Instructor(s): Nafiul Hasan

Last update: 2022-07-16

What you’ll learn

  • How to create Shopify store
  • How to Customize Shopify theme
  • Shopify Dashboard Overview
  • Shopify theme Development
  • Online Store 2.0



  • If you know basic HTML & CSS then you are good to go.



Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform. If you would like to learn Shopify Theme Development then this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn how you set up a Shopify store, Shopify Theme Customization, and Shopify Theme Development.

Before starting the course you need to know HTML, CSS then you are good to go with our course.

I have created a few sections in this course

  1. Introduction

  2. Basic Shopify Things

  3. Theme Development tools Setup

  4. Theme Structure

  5. Theme Development


I have given an idea of how our course is organized.

Basic Shopify Theme

In this Section, I have tried to show some of Shopify’s basic things like Creating a Shopify Account, Account overview, and Product upload. So in this section, you will learn very basic of Shopify things that how the Shopify platform work.

Theme Development Tools Setup

In this section, I have shown how you can use Shopify Official Theme CLI and How you can use GitHub and connect with Shopify and Github.

Theme Structure

I have shown the Theme Structure and theme files of the Shopify theme so that you can get an idea about the theme files.

Theme Development

I have started the Theme Development in this section and I have developed everything within this section. I have created short videos to make things clear.

That’s all about this course.

Good Luck!


Who this course is for

  • If you want to learn Shopify Theme Development from scratch then it’s for you.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Shopify Basic
    • Signup for Creating a Shopify Store
    • Dashboard Overview
    • Upload Product
    • Create Collection
    • Add Pages
    • Adding Navigation
    • Adding Apps
    • Shopify Settings
  • Shopify Theme Customization
    • Theme Customization – Homepage
    • Theme Customization – Collection Page
    • Theme Customization – Product page
    • Theme Customization – Built a Page
    • Theme Customization – Other Customization Options
  • Setup Shopify CLI And Github
    • Setup Theme CLI & Connect Store
    • Github Integration with Shopify
  • Shopify Theme Structure
    • Theme Structure
  • Shopify theme Development
    • Make our file ready
    • Header section Development
    • Footer section Development
    • Collection Template Development
    • Homepage Sections Development
    • Product Template Development
    • Cart Template Development
    • Blog Template Development
    • Article Template Development
    • About page Development
  • Have Questions?
    • If you have any questions feel free to ask


Mastering Shopify Theme Development - Online Store 2.0 A-ZMastering Shopify Theme Development - Online Store 2.0 A-Z

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