Microsoft Azure Security AZ-500 Practice Tests

Microsoft Azure Security AZ-500 Practice Tests

Microsoft Azure Security AZ-500 Practice Tests

AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologie in Exam Practice Test :120 questions waiting just for you, get it now!

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AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification exam is one of the recent additions in the Azures role-based certification model. These full-length mock tests with 120 different questions.

These practice sets measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: manage identity and access; implement platform protection; manage security operations; and secure data and applications.

These practice tests complement each test outline guide and help the individual to test their knowledge before taking the final exam

Azure security engineers often serve as part of a larger team to plan and implement cloud-based management and security.

Candidates for this exam should have practical experience in administration of Azure and hybrid environments. Candidates should have experience with infrastructure as code, security operations processes, cloud capabilities, and Azure services.

Candidates should follow the AZ-500 exam objectives for identifying the particular areas that will present many questions in the exam. Considerable awareness of the exam objectives can help in planning your preparation schedule for the AZ-500 exam.

AZ-500 exam should have subject matter expertise implementing security controls and threat protection, managing identity and access, and protecting data, applications, and networks.

Azure AZ-500 Exam Objectives

  • Manage identity and access

  • Implement platform protection

  • Secure data and applications

You should immediately catch hold of AZ-500 practice tests once you are done with your preparation.

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