Microsoft Word – Basic to Advance Level MS Word Course

Microsoft Word - Basic to Advance Level MS Word Course

Microsoft Word – Basic to Advance Level MS Word Course

Basic to Advance Level Microsoft Word Training Course | A complete guide to MS Word

Language: english

Note: 4.2/5 (115 notes) 11,277 students

Instructor(s): Usama Hassan

Last update: 2021-10-20

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Microsoft Word from basics to advance level.
  • Learn how to create a professional document template.
  • Learn to do professional & advanced document formatting & layout tasks in MS Word.
  • Can do the tasks efficiently by learning shortcut keys.
  • Can create letters, professional reports, resumes or any customized templates.
  • Can do data entry jobs & document compiling or composing tasks.



  • MS word installed in your computer.



Learning skill means earning the skill, so don’t go without having a look at the Microsoft Word course.

Microsoft word is one of the products of Microsoft office. This Microsoft Word course is for anyone who just wants to gain skill but mainly for the one who wants to learn MS word for their routine tasks. Anyone who can be a student, a teacher, an author, a writer, an employee, a businessman, or an entrepreneur can learn this software & without any doubt, it can be said that this course really going to help you somewhere even if you don’t need this right now.

This MS word course has a total of 26 video lectures with a total length of  02 hours including the preview video. This course is designed by assuming that you are a beginner & started using Microsoft word the very first time. Also, this is designed in very simple & easy to understand language & it is avoided to create long videos by keeping in mind the beginner or student needs.

This course is designed in Microsoft Word 2016 version but you can easily learn in older or latest versions like MS Word 2013, MS Word 2016, MS word 2019, or any other version.

This Microsoft Word course is divided into the following different sections:

1. Home Tab

2. Insert Tab

3. Design Tab

4. Layout Tab

5. References Tab

6. Review Tab

7. View Tab

8. File Tab

I am very confident that after covering all of these sections you will be like a professional in Microsoft Word. I am sure that you will be very happy to choose this Microsoft Word course. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just hit the enroll button & enjoy the course.


Who this course is for

  • Students, Teachers or Researchers
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Content Writers
  • Any one who is up to learn & master the MS Word.


Course content

  • Home Tab
    • Introduction to MS Word Interface
    • Font Options in MS Word – 01
    • Font Options in MS Word – 02
    • Paragraph Formatting in MS Word
    • Text or Heading Styles in MS Word
    • Editing Options in Home Tab
    • Format Painter & Clipboard Options in MS Word
    • Quiz #01 – Home Tab
  • Insert tab
    • Page Insert Options in MS Word
    • Inserting Tables in MS Word – 01
    • Inserting Tables in MS Word – 02
    • Inserting Pictures in MS Word
    • Shapes, Icons & 3d Models
    • Smart Art & Charts
    • Text Box & Drop Cap Options
    • Hyperlink in MS Word
    • Header, Footer & Page Number
    • Equations & Symbols
    • Quiz #02 – Insert Tab
  • Design Tab
    • Design Tab Options | Water Mark, Page Color & Page Borders
    • Quiz #03 – Design Tab
  • Layout Tab
    • Layout Tab Options – 01
    • Layout Tab Options – 02
    • Quiz #04 – Layout Tab
  • References Tab
    • Table of Contents & Table of Figures
    • Endnote & Footnote Options
    • Quiz #05 – References Tab
  • Review Tab
    • Proofing & Languages Options
    • Quiz #06 – Review Tab
  • View Tab
    • View Tab Options
    • Quiz #07 – View Tab
  • File Tab
    • File Tab Options
    • Quiz #08 – File Tab


Microsoft Word - Basic to Advance Level MS Word CourseMicrosoft Word - Basic to Advance Level MS Word Course

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