Mindful Eating – Healthy Eating Habits for Life!

Mindful Eating - Healthy Eating Habits for Life!

Mindful Eating – Healthy Eating Habits for Life!

Simple principles to Sustainable Weight Loss, Weight Management and Natural, Healthful Eating Habits for Life!

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Instructor(s): Sarah Jensen

Last update: 2015-07-23

What you’ll learn

  • Understand your eating habits and establish new, healthful, natural habits for life.
  • Understand why you eat what you eat.
  • Feel at ease when choosing and eating food (seeing food as a pleasure rather than a ‘problem’)
  • Cut through the confusing food information that surrounds us and instead discover your own clear food values.



  • No previous knowledge is needed, just an openess to learn and cultivate self discovery.
  • You will need a tablet, computer or smart phone to access the course and access to a printer if you wish to print the course materials.



  • Do you eat when you are not hungry?
  • Have you stopped listening to your body when eating & making food choices?
  • Would you like to never ‘diet’ again?
  • Would you like to make weight loss and healthful eating habits a way of life?

In the Mindful Eating Program you will go on a journey of self discovery and total tranformation with regards to how you eat & think about food. We will look at what, why & when you eat and find new eating habits that serve you in a better, healthier way. You will learn how to use mindfulness & awareness to stop seeing food as ‘the enemy’ and rediscover healthful, happy eating that also offers sustainable weight loss and a life long healthful relationship with food.

This course includes 32 lectures with many ‘try at home’ eating & mindfulness exercises. These exercises will help you to implement the course information into your daily routines and change the way you eat forever. This is not just a course it is a new way of eating & living!

This course can be taken lecture by lecture or section by section over the course of a few hours or (as recommended) over the period of a few weeks (this will allow you to implement the new ways of eating into your life & get the best results from the course and the accompanying eating and mindfulness exercises).

Please see the course curriculum for more details of the course content.


Who this course is for

  • Students who wish to deepen thier mindfulness practice to include food and eating
  • Students who wish to lose weight, sustain healthy weight & eat in a way that makes you feel good both in body and mind!


Course content

  • The Course Intro
    • Introduction
  • The Four Principles of the Course
    • The Four Principles of the Program
  • Mindfulness & Choice by Choice Living
    • Let’s Start with Mindfulness…What is it? What Does it Feel Like?
    • Choice by Choice Living
    • An Aspiration of Your Work
    • This Week…Check List
  • Mindful Eating
    • Now on to Mindful Eating…
    • An Exercise in Mindful Eating
    • Benefits of Eating Mindfully
    • Mindful Eating Check List
    • Me & Mindful Eating
    • When Mindful Eating Meets Real Life!
    • Little Tricks to Eat Mindfully
    • This Week…Check List
  • What am I hungry for?
    • The Eating Cycle
    • How do you choose your food?
    • An Exercise – What are your Food Values?
    • Body Hunger V’s Mind Hunger
    • The Issues with Mind Hunger
    • The Five Stages of Mind Hunger
    • Mind Hunger Check List
    • Are There Patterns to your Mind Hunger Habits?
    • An Exercise in Mind Hunger – Me & Mind Hunger
    • Mind Hunger – Trouble Shooting!
    • This Week…Check List + Plus Exercise
  • Stop the ‘food confusion’
    • Stop The ‘Food Madness’
    • Listen to Your Body & Eat with Your Senses
  • Trust Yourself to be Your Best Food Expert
    • You, the Food Guru!
    • An Exercise in Being a Food Guru!
  • Returning to The Four Principles of The Program
    • Returning to The Four Principles of the Program
  • From Me to You – A Meditation…Gratitude for Who You Are!
    • A calming & emotive guided meditation for you…relax & enjoy!
    • Good Bye!


Mindful Eating - Healthy Eating Habits for Life!

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