MSc Marketing

MSc Marketing

MSc Marketing

Complete Guide to Marketing Management

Language: english

Note: 0/5 (0 notes) 30 students

Instructor(s): Sidra Siyal


Marketing programmes teach students specialised skills and information related to identifying target markets, developing pricing strategies, developing services and goods, and implementing promotional approaches to attract the proper consumers.

Course Content

Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process

  • Marketing: Creating Customer Value and Engagement

  • Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Engagement,

  • Value, and Relationships

Understanding the Marketplace and Consumer Value

  • Analyzing the Marketing Environment

  • Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights

  • Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior

  • Business Markets and Business Buyer Behaviour

Designing a Customer Value-Driven Strategy and Mix

  • Customer Value-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for larget Customers

  • Products. Services, and Brands: Building a Customer Value

  • Developing New Products and Managing the Product Life Cycle

  • Pricing: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value

  • Pricing Strategies: Additional Considerations

  • Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value

  • Retailing and Wholesaling

  • Engaging Consumers and Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing

  • Communication Strategy

  • Advertising and Public Relations

  • Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

  • Direct. Online. Social Media. and Mobile Marketing

Extending Marketing

  • Creating Competitive Advantage

  • The Global Marketplace

  • Sustainable Marketing: Social Responsibility and Ethics

Customers are dealt with by marketing more than with any other corporate activity. Although we will soon look at more specific definitions of marketing, probably the simplest is this: Marketing is the process of attracting customers and maintaining successful client relationships. Marketing has two goals: to acquire new consumers by offering higher value and to retain and expand current customers by delivering value and satisfaction.


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