Online Business – Work from Home

Online Business – Work from Home

Online Business – Work from Home

This course is not taught by a marketing professional but by an accountant who now works online, full time

Language: english

Note: 4.2/5 (293 notes) 86,396 students

Instructor(s): Robert (Bob) Steele

Last update: 2020-04-29

What you’ll learn

  • How to list software that is required for an online business
  • How to list hardware requirements for online business
  • How to create an online business model
  • How to list and describe website & teaching platforms for an online business
  • How to create a podcast as part of an online business
  • How to convert video MP4 files to other resources such as text, post, & audio file MP3
  • How to integrate social medial platforms into an online business
  • How to use e-mail marketing in an online business
  • How to integrate affiliate marking into an online business
  • How to hire a vertical assistant for our online business
  • How to use PowerPoint
  • How to format a presentation
  • How to brand an online business



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This course gives learners the tools to create an online business, taking their current skills, and applying them to a structured business model.

There is a lot of useful information about building an online business, but much of the information is provided by professional marketers, making it difficult for many individuals to see how to apply their skills, their industry expertise, to an online business.

This course is not taught by a marketing professional. It is taught by an accountant who has built an online business and who now generates almost all his income from passive income.

Learners will be able to decide which software they will need to create a successful online business.

This course will demonstrate how to create an online business model, a model that can be adjusted and fitted to many different industries.

We will show how to make a podcast and how a podcast can fit into an online business model.

Learners will understand how to integrate major social medial platforms into their online business such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The course will demonstrate how affiliate marketing works and how it can fit into an overall online business model.

Learners will understand the concept of branding, its importance, and how to use branding to drive traffic to their website.

The course will list and demonstrate common hardware requirements for an online business, including computer requirements, microphones, and headphones.

We will understand the significant website platforms and teaching platforms that can be used in an online business.

Learners will be able to take a video file and create multiple resources from it including text files for a post, audio files for a podcast, PDF files, and more

The course will show how e-mail marketing works, the major software applications to use, and how e-mail marketing fits into an online business.

We will see how to hire virtual assistants to help grow our online business.


Who this course is for

  • Anybody who want to start an online business


Course content

  • Introduction
    • 105 Make Money From Home Overview
    • Documents To Download
  • Software for Online Business
    • 115 Screen Casting Software, Video Editing Software, & Virtual Meeting Software
    • 125 Zoom Online Meeting
  • Hardware for Online Business
    • 135 Microphone For Home Business
    • 142 Headphones For Home Business
  • Online Business Model
    • 145 Instructional Videos In Business Model
  • Website & Teaching Platform Overview for Online Business
    • 150 Set up a Basic Website for Business
    • 155 Teaching Platforms
  • Podcast as Part of Online Business Model
    • 162 Use Podcast In Business Model
  • Convert Video Files to Other Resources to Use in Online Business
    • 166 Convert Video to Post part 1
    • 171 Convert Video to Post part 2
    • 176 Convert Video to Post part 3
    • 182 Convert Post to Multiple Different Languages
    • 186 Convert Post to Audio File
  • Social Media Platforms & E-mail Marketing Overview for Online Business
    • 194 Social Media Platforms & Online Business
    • 202 E-mail Marketing Overview
  • Affiliate Marketing Overview & Virtual Assistant Overview for Online Business
    • 207 Affiliate Marketing Overview
    • 211 Virtual Assistant Hiring Overview
    • 217 Virtual Assistant Computer Apps for Work
  • PowerPoint Software and Formatting a Presentation for Online Business
    • 221 PowerPoint & Presentation Tools
    • 226 Format of Presentation
  • Branding for Online Business
    • 231 Branding
  • Build an Online Course Outline & Gather Course Materials
    • 242 Build Course Outline
    • 242 Course Materials
  • Build Online Course for Udemy
    • 242 Course Materials
    • 248 Start & Udemy Course Enter Sections & Video
    • 258 Udemy Course Thumbnail Course Image
    • 264 Udemy Course Target Your Students Section
    • 268 Udemy Course Course Landing Page
  • Build an Online Course in Skillshare
    • 273 Skillshare Course Outline
    • 276 Skillshare Create a Course
    • 279 Skillshare Class Information
  • Build Online Course Using Thinkific
    • 283 Thinkific Overview
    • 288 Thinkific Start a Course
    • 293 Thinkific Settings
    • 298 Thinkific Landing Page


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