PMP Certification Agile Practice Guide 2021 Course; PMP Prep

PMP Certification Agile Practice Guide 2021 Course; PMP Prep

PMP Certification Agile Practice Guide 2021 Course; PMP Prep

Understand critical concepts from the Agile Practice Guide that’ll help you succeed in the PMP certification exam 2021

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Instructor(s): Rohit Gupta


In this Agile Practice Guide 2021 course for the PMP certification, I cover all the critical aspects required to pass the PMP certification exam in the first try. This is a course entirely based on the Agile Practice Guide book and covers all the needed chapters for the PMP certification from the book.

There has been a major change to the PMP certification exam in 2021 with the introduction of agile questions and a majority of the PMP exam candidates who have appeared for it recently have confirmed that >50% of the PMP certification exam is based on the content of the PMI Agile Practice Guide.

This course is extremely useful for PMP certification exam candidates because it contains all Agile Practice Guide chapters and all the videos and materials have been carefully selected to help you tackle the agile questions in the PMP exam with confidence. Every PMP exam candidate will benefit from using this Agile Practice Guide course alongside other materials they might have chosen to use to prepare for the PMP online exam.

The PMP online exam is based on the PMP Exam content outline (also called PMP Exam ECO) which serves as the syllabus for the certification exam. If you’re using the Agile Practice Guide PDF or the physical copy for the book, this is a course that will speed up your preparation for the agile sections of the PMP certification exam. Using this course, you’ll speed up your PMP exam study and waste less time going through other resources for agile.

This Agile Practice Guide 2021 course covers all the chapters from the book listed below:

Chapter 1 (Introduction to Agile)

  1. Definable work vs. high uncertain work

  2. The Agile Manifesto and Agile Mindset

  3. Lean and the Kanban Method

  4. Uncertainty, Risk and Lifecycle selection

Chapter 2 (Project Lifecycle selection)

  1. Project Lifecycles (Predictive Lifecycle, Hybrid Lifecycle, Agile Lifecycle, Incremental Lifecycle, Iterative Lifecycle)

  2. Combined Agile and Predictive Approaches, predominantly predictive approaches, predominantly agile approaches

  3. Mixing agile approaches

Chapter 3 (Creating an Agile Environment)

  1. Servant Leadership, Traits, and Responsibilities of a Servant Leader.

  2. Role of Project Managers in an Agile environment.

  3. Agile Teams, Agile Team attributes, and structures.

  4. Agile Team composition, Team workspaces, Other Agile roles.

Chapter 4 (Delivering in an Agile Environment)

  1. Charter the Agile Project and the team

  2. Agile Events/Ceremonies

  3. Product Backlog Planning, Refinement

  4. Iteration Planning/Sprint Planning

  5. Daily Stand-up/Daily Scrum

  6. Iteration Reviews/Sprint Reviews

  7. Iteration Retrospectives/Sprint Retrospectives

  8. Agile Technical Practices (Spikes, Agile Testing, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration)

  9. Agile Project Monitoring (Burn-down charts, Burn-up charts, Cumulative Flow Diagrams)

  10. Understand Lead Time, Cycle Time and Process Time.

  11. Velocity in Agile

Chapter 5 (Organizational Considerations for Project Agility)

  1. Organizational Change Management

  2. Organizational Culture

  3. Procurements and Contracts

  4. Agile Project Management Office (PMO)

  5. Organizational Structures

Chapter 6 (Lean and Agile Frameworks)

  1. Extreme Programming (XP)

  2. Crystal Framework

  3. Scrumban

  4. Feature Driven Development

  5. Dynamic Systems Development Methods (DSDM)

  6. Agile Unified Process (AUP)

  7. Scrum of Scrums (SOS)

  8. Large Scale Scrum (LESS)

  9. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE)

  10. Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)

This Agile Practice Guide 2021 course also contains tests at the end of each chapter and agile practice questions at the end of the course.

Why should you select this Agile Practice Guide Course?

  • This course contains all the essential information required related to agile for the PMP exam.

  • All explanations are clear, concise, and crisp. There aren’t any lengthy explanations that bore you nor too brief that you miss the point.

  • This is the only course on Udemy that has so much focus on the Agile Practice Guide book.

  • After taking this course, you can be confident about tackling agile questions in the PMP certification exam.

  • The course has byte-sized videos that help you absorb agile concepts in an easily digestible format.

  • This course has agile questions that help you understand the type of questioning in the PMP certification exam.

  • Additional resources are included such as links to blogs, articles, and other high-quality content that can help you develop a deep understanding of agile and prepare you to handle PMP exam situational questions.

I encourage you to stay focused and go through the course 100% and leverage the information for a deep understanding of the Agile Practice Guide. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to secure a pass in the PMP certification exam.

Do you have a full-length PMP certification prep course?

Yes, we do have a full-length PMP exam prep and certification course. It includes the PMBOK 6 videos + Agile Practice Guide content + PMBOK 7 content + 3 full length test papers + 1 agile paper + slides + much more. Our courses are extremely comprehensive and covers all that you need for the PMP exam. You can reach out to us at [email protected] dot com for further details.

I’ll also be there to answer any of your questions in the Udemy Q&A section as quickly as possible.

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