PMP Certification Practice Tests (2022) – PMBOK 7th Edition

PMP Certification Practice Tests (2022) - PMBOK 7th Edition

PMP Certification Practice Tests (2022) – PMBOK 7th Edition

PMP Certification Exam Prep aligned with the 2021 updates – 380 Mock Questions Based on PMI PMBOK 7th Edition

Language: english

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Instructor(s): EL MAQTBA

Last update: 2022-08-06

What you’ll learn

  • Situational and scenario-based Questions
  • Servant Leadership Questions
  • Disciplined Agile Questions
  • Project Compliance Questions



  • It is of course recommended that you have already read the PMI PMBOK 7th Edition



The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the world’s leading project management certification. Now including predictive, agile and hybrid approaches, the PMP® proves project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working. It supercharges careers for project leaders across industries and helps organizations find the people they need to work smarter and perform better.

This set of 380 Questions is designed as per the new format of the PMP exam (2022) by PMI which had become effective from 2nd Jan 2021 (50% Agile and 50% Predictive/Hybrid). This simulator includes questions based on the newly published PMBOK 7th Edition by PMI, as well as PMBOK 6th Edition. Situational and scenario-based questions will form the core of the PMP certification exam. About 70-80% of the total number of questions in the PMP exam will be situational questions.

We have supported all the questions with High-Quality Explanations!

70-80% of the questions in this simulator are situational type, exactly the same as you would experience in your actual PMP exam. The rest 20-30% covers the other important areas of the new PMP exam such as Servant Leadership, Personality Indicators, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Disciplined Agile, Measurement of Training Outcomes, Project Compliance etc.

We’ve also added an Math Questions that includes all possible math questions you may encounter during the PMP ® Exam.

This set of questions is divided into 2 Mock Exams which in turn are divided into 2 parts:

  • PMP® Mock Test #1: Part 1 | 90 Questions | 120 Minutes

  • PMP® Mock Test #1: Part 2 | 90 Questions | 120 Minutes

  • PMP® Mock Test #2: Part 1 | 90 Questions | 120 Minutes

  • PMP® Mock Test #2: Part 2 | 90 Questions | 120 Minutes

    Questions will be a combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, and limited fill-in-the-blank.

The PMP exam has evolved to meet today’s demands of the profession, organizations and you. It focuses on three domains and therefore these Mock Tests will also focus on these domains:

  1. PEOPLE – Emphasizing the soft skills you need to effectively lead a project team in today’s changing environment

  2. PROCESS – Reinforcing the technical aspects of successfully managing projects

  3. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT – Highlighting the connection between projects and organizational strategy

We promise to

1. Provide high-quality scenario-based questions to help you get ready for your PMP exam. The questions cover all the PMP Exam Content Outline of January 2021.

2. Help you wear the project manager hat and deal with different scenario-based problems with a project management mindset through an in-depth explanation.

3. Test your understanding of project management and Agile principles. Going through all the ten knowledge areas, the five process groups, the three domains, and the agile principles with reference to the PMI-Agile Practice Guide, PMI-PMBOK Guide edition 6, and the 2021 PMP Exam Content Outline.

4. Answer all your questions and concerns through the course Q&A with a detailed explanation.

PMP Examination Information:

  • Total Examination Questions: 180 (175 scored questions + 5 pre-test questions)

  • Allotted Examination Time: 230 minutes

  • For the PMP exam, there are now two 10-minute breaks in the exam. The first will appear after you complete questions 1- 60 and review all of your answers. The second break will appear after you have completed question 120 and confirmed that you have reviewed all of your answers.

PMP Eligibility Requirements:

  • Required Project Management experience leading projects (not overlapping):

  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent): Minimum 5 years.

  • Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent): Minimum 3 years.

  • Bachelor’s or post-graduate degree from a GAC accredited program * (bachelor’s degree or master’s or global equivalent): Minimum 2 years.

Disclaimer: “PMBOK”, “PMP”, and “PMI” are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

These practice tests are not endorsed by, nor in partnership, nor affiliated with Project Management Institute, Inc.


Who this course is for

  • Aspirants for PMP Certification Exam by PMI
  • PMI-PMP Exam Students
  • Project Managers
  • Those who want to build up their knowledge in agile and predictive approaches in project management
  • Project Team Members


Course content

  • PMP® Mock Test #1: Part 1
  • PMP® Mock Test #1: Part 2
  • PMP® Mock Test #2: Part 1
  • PMP® Mock Test #2: Part 2


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