Pokemon Unite Master Class

Pokemon Unite Master Class

Pokemon Unite Master Class

Learn how to master the best strategies, concepts, and skills you’ll need to get into Master rank!

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Johnny Ilca

Last update: 2022-10-25

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding of skills needed to effectively apply the basic strategies in the toolkit of a mental athlete
  • The habits you’ll need to cultivate to consistently gain proficiency
  • Essential knowledge of key concepts and topics in Unite
  • How to analyze builds/strategies and create new ones to evaluate within the community



  • A device with Pokemon Unite installed
  • A strong & reliable internet connection



Welcome and thank you for your interest in my course.

Are you a regular Pokemon Unite player but aren’t sure what you can do to reach a higher level of play? Are you curious about how Pokemon Unite pros think when they play and practice? If so, Pokemon Unite Master Class is your opportunity to learn skills and strategies from a seasoned professional, gain a deeper understanding of fundamental game concepts, and become a more well-rounded competitor.

If you are an avid gamer who has a passion for MOBA games, then this course is for you.

This course focuses on all aspects of getting into Master rank. The instructors are streamers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts that have been in the gaming space since its inception. Whether you are a casual that is looking for resources to take your rank to the next level, or an avid gamer with aspirations to achieve your goals – this is the complete guide to getting into Master rank in Pokemon Unite.

Throughout this course, we will be covering topics that are useful and necessary for gamers of all levels. Each section will contain lectures associated with the topic being covered, and will be accompanied by actionable activities to apply what you have learned to your own gaming sessions.

Catch me live streaming on Twitch: i1337bro


Who this course is for

  • Total beginners who have never played a MOBA before
  • MOBA veterans who need to understand how to apply that knowledge to the unique nuances in Unite


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Foreword
    • End result
    • Who am I?
    • Course overview
    • Having a well-performing device
  • MOBA essentials
    • What is a MOBA?
    • MOBA terminology
    • MOBA Essentials
    • MOBA terminology
    • Identifying your preferred playing style
    • Evaluating your advantage at any moment
    • Having an advantage
    • Knowing who to focus when
    • Knowing when to B
    • Getting tilted
    • Tier lists
    • Adapting to patch changes
    • Anything can change the meta at any time
    • Positioning
    • Micro mechanics
    • Micro concepts
    • The one-trick vs the versatile player
    • Macro mechanics
    • Macro concepts
    • The players
  • Performing like an athlete
    • Learn when to stop playing
    • When to stop playing
    • Play when you’re mentally capable
    • Mentally capable
    • When to play ranked
    • Entering flow state
    • Take care of your other needs to maximize high-impact mental acuity time
    • E-sports athletes and parallels with sports athletes
    • The lifestyle of an athlete
    • Athlete lifestyle
    • Don’t let your emotions hinder your performance
    • Get up and move every 45 to 60 minutes
    • Training vs performing
    • When or when not to play ranked
  • Pokemon Unite Roles
    • Defender
    • Defender
    • Attacker
    • Speedster
    • Support
    • Support
    • All Rounder
  • Pokemon Unite Key Concepts
    • Break down by minute
    • Break down by minute
    • The Red and Blue buffs
    • The buffs
    • The jungle
    • Knowing when to all-in
    • The Items
    • The items
    • Scoring
    • Scoring
    • Adapting to the meta and rank
    • The secret stuff in the game
    • Understanding all the characters and items
    • Synergies and counters for different Pokemon
    • Status conditions
    • Communicating with your team on voice chat
    • Item Synergy
  • Final Assignment
    • Pokemon comprehension
    • Evaluate the current meta
  • Closing
    • Thank You
    • Further Learning
    • Conclusion
    • Next steps


Pokemon Unite Master ClassPokemon Unite Master Class

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