Practical Bootcamp JWT Authentication with Java & SpringBoot

Practical Bootcamp JWT Authentication with Java & SpringBoot

Practical Bootcamp JWT Authentication with Java & SpringBoot

Learn to secure your SpringBoot based Microservice and RESTful API’s using JWT Authentication & Authorization

Language: english

Note: 4.2/5 (60 notes) 16,993 students

Instructor(s): Ranjan Pandey

Last update: 2022-04-03

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn basics of security like Authentication and Authorization
  • You will learn everything about JWT(JSON Web Token)
  • You will learn to Implement JWT with SpringBoot and Spring Security
  • You will learn to setup a SpringBoot project from scratch
  • You will learn to create API’s which will talk to Database using Spring Data JPA
  • You will learn to protect your API’s based on user role
  • You will get the complete source code



  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Basic knowledge SpringBoot



JWT(Json web token) is a standard for securing API’s in a Microservices architecture, using this standard we can secure API’s built in any technology like Nodejs, Python, .NET etc but in this course we will building API’s using Java and SpringBoot and than we will be securing them using JWT and Spring security, we will also use all the industry best practices and standards along the way.

We will start with learning concepts like:

  • What is Authentication

  • What is Authorization

  • Importance of securing RESTful API’s

  • What is JWT(Json Web Token)

  • Various components and terminology associated with JWT

  • Workflow and a diagramatic use case of using JWT

Than we will move on to the actual handson and implementation of JWT in our Springboot project by following below steps:

  • Create springboot project from scratch

  • Adding required maven dependencies

  • Setup project in Github and follow continous integration process

  • Setting up database and establishing connection

  • Create our Hibernate entity classes

  • Create our controller class

  • Create the first API

  • Start configuring JWT and Spring security

  • Create security related classes like configuartion, filters, service

  • Making the secret and expiration time configurable

  • Configuring the allowed and not allowed endpoints

  • Creating user registration and login endpoints

  • Creating Role based classes

  • Create multiple roles

  • Restrict users to functionalities based on Roles

  • Setting up github to push code with token

  • Creating a JWT token

  • Using the JWT token to call a secured API

  • Using Postman to test our API’s

  • Mechanism to check if a particular JWT token is valid or not

  • Extracting user information and role information from JWT token

  • Complete source code


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to learn about securing API’s at an industry grade standard


Course content

  • Basics of JWT, Authentication, Authorization
    • Everything about JWT, Authentication, Authorization
    • About your Instructor
  • Overview and SpringBoot Project and Git setup
    • JWT use case, Springboot setup, Github setup
    • Configuration for JWT and Spring security Implementation
  • JWT Config, UserDetailsService, AuthenticationFilter, Postman Testing
    • JWTConfig, UserDetailsService, AuthenticationManagerBuilder Implementation
    • JWTConfig, UserDetailsService, HttpSecurity Implementation
    • JWT Util Implementation
    • JwtController, JwtRequest, JwtResponse Implementation
    • JwtAuthenticationFilter Implementation
  • Testing secured API with token and Git push
    • Testing API Endpoints with Postman
    • Git Commit Push to Github
  • Database, Entity, Login, Register, Testing
    • Database-Setup-Entity-Creation
    • ManyToMany-Relationship
    • RoleRepository-RoleModel-UserDetails
    • User-Register-Login-Jwt-Configuration
    • Testing-APIs-Security-CurrentUser
  • TokenExpiry, Restrict-API-with-Role-Authority
    • Saving-Getting-Role-Authority
    • JWT-Token-Expiration
    • Restrict-API-with-Role-Authority
  • Source code
    • Github link to source code


Practical Bootcamp JWT Authentication with Java & SpringBoot

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