Practical CSS3 Mastery Course

Practical CSS3 Mastery Course

Practical CSS3 Mastery Course

Start your frontend development journey by implementing HTML5 and CSS3 concepts in complete hands-on based approach

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (70 notes) 20,868 students

Instructor(s): Ranjan Pandey

Last update: 2022-04-02

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn all the CSS3 concepts in hands-on based approach
  • You will learn to apply various css properties in different scenarios
  • You will learn the basics of web development and debugging
  • You will be able to create your own responsive websites using the concepts



  • Anyone who is interested to start doing web development



If you have been thinking about learning web development or you have been thinking of becoming full-stack developer then this is the course that will not just teach you rather make you implement each and every concept of CSS3 like a pro.

Many of the students just shy away from frontend technologies because they think it’s not their cup of tea, but this course will break that perception and will make you a developer by teaching you how to implement the concepts without the need of being remembering anything.

The topics that will be covered in the course are:

  • Introduction to web development

  • Client-server architecture

  • Three-tier architecture

  • What is HTML

  • What is CSS

  • What is JavaScript

  • Local development environment setup with industry-standard tools

  • Plugins and techniques to speed up development

  • Debugging skills

  • Structure of HTML page

  • HML tag and concept of attributes

  • Various components of HTML document

  • Meta tag and its importance

  • Head tag

  • Link tag

  • Script tag

  • Inline, Embedded, External styling

  • Linking external stylesheet in your Html

  • Using developer tools and knowing various components of it

  • Different types of CSS selectors

  • How to use fonts, colors, border, background style

  • Box model in CSS

  • How to solve problems due to box model

  • Margin and Padding in CSS

  • Display and Visibility

  • Different types of positions in CSS

  • Float and Clear

  • Usage of z-index property

  • Creating layouts using Flexbox

  • Responsive web design using media queries

  • Different types of pseudo-selectors and their usages

  • Box shadow and Text shadow

  • Animation and Keyframes

  • Transition and its types

  • Transformation and its types

  • You will get the complete source code so that if you get any doubts anywhere you can just refer the source code.


Who this course is for

  • Any beginner with interest to lean about web development
  • Anyone trying to reskill or upskill
  • Any backend developer who wants to become full-stack developer


Course content

  • Introduction and Environment setup
    • Welcome message
    • About your Instructor
    • Introduction to web development
    • Installation and Setup
  • Basics of HTML and CSS
    • Your first HTML
    • HTML Structure
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Different ways of using CSS
  • Font, Color, Background, Float
    • Selectors-in-CSS
    • Debugging-using-developer-tool
    • Fonts-in-CSS
    • Colors-in-CSS
    • Border-Background-Height-Width
    • BoxModel-Margin-Padding
    • float-clear
  • Selectors, Display, Position, Z-Index
    • pseudo-selector
    • css-display-property
    • css-position-property
    • css-visibility-z-index
  • Flexbox, Media Queries and Responsive design
    • css-flex-box
    • css-responsive-units-em-rem-vh-vw
    • media-queries
  • Advance Selectors, Effects and Animation
    • advance-pseudo-selector
    • nth-selector
    • before-after-pseudo-selector
    • css-box-text-shadow
    • css-custom-variables
    • css-animation-keyframes-part-1
    • css-animation-keyframes-part-2
    • transition
    • transform
  • Source code
    • CSS3 Source code


Practical CSS3 Mastery Course

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