Practical Statistics for Business and Data Science

Practical Statistics for Business and Data Science

Practical Statistics for Business and Data Science

Learn the concepts and techniques required to use statistics effectively to make better decisions.

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Instructor(s): Woody Lewenstein

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What you’ll learn

  • Data Analysis – Learn the most important tools for making sense of data.
  • Data Visualization – Learn how to use Excel to create effective visuals.
  • Interpretation – Learn to understand and comment on data visualizations.
  • Cleaning Data – Get your data ready for analysis
  • Sampling – Learn different methods, and when they work.
  • Probability – Learn all the most important techniques in basic probability theory.



  • Nothing beyond basic arithmetic and a desire to learn.



This is a course for people who want to use statistics to make better decisions. In the course I cover all the foundational concepts needed to begin your journey in data science, business analytics, or any area in which you need to use data to understand the world. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed, and you’ll need nothing more than basic arithmetic and a desire to learn to get everything from this course.

The course is hands on and practical, with a focus on showing you how to use the skills taught. Wherever possible, I show you how to implement the techniques in Microsoft Excel.

Key concepts taught in the course include:

· Descriptive Statistics – the nuts and bolts needed when analyzing and working with data, from averages to measures of spread and correlation, to more advanced measures such as skew.

· Cleaning Data – the world sometimes gives us messy data, and I’ll show you how to clean it up and make sense of it.

· Visualizing Data – I’ll show you all the standard ways to usefully visualize your data, and in each case show you how to use Excel to create beautiful visualizations.

· Probability – I’ll teach you all the fundamentals of probability, up to and including conditional probability and an intro to Bayesian statistics.

As always, if you ever have questions about the content I’m waiting in the Q&A to help you out, and try to answer all my students questions.

I really hope you enjoy this course!



Who this course is for

  • People who want to use statistics to make better decisions.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction from Woody
    • Introduction from Paul Siegel
  • Descriptive Statistics
    • Data for this chapter
    • The Mean Average
    • The Mean Average – Quiz
    • The Median Average
    • The Median Average – Quiz
    • The Mode Average
    • The Mode Average – Quiz
    • Comparing Averages
    • Comparing Averages – Quiz
    • Quantiles, Range and Inter-Quartile Range
    • Quantiles, Range and Inter-Quartile Range – Data
    • Quantiles, Range and Inter-Quartile Range – Quiz
    • Standard Deviation and Variance
    • Standard Deviation and Variance – Data
    • Standard Deviation and Variance – Quiz
    • The Coefficient of Variation
    • Skew
    • Kurtosis
    • Correlation
  • Cleaning Data
    • Anomalies and Outliers
    • Coding Data
  • Data Visualization
    • Line Graphs
    • Bar Charts
    • Dual Axis Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Histograms
    • Box Plots
    • Cumulative Frequency
    • Comparing Visualizations
  • Sampling
    • Populations and Samples
    • Random Sampling
    • Non-Random Sampling
  • Probability
    • What is Probability?
    • Set Notation
    • Independent Events
    • Mutually Exclusive Events
    • Tree Diagrams
    • Venn Diagrams
    • Conditional Probability
    • Bayes’ Theorem


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