Print On Demand 101: Create a New Passive Income Source

Print On Demand 101: Create a New Passive Income Source

Print On Demand 101: Create a New Passive Income Source

Learn how to create a passive income source by researching and desinging clothing & home products!

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Leonardo Gasparotto

Last update: 2022-07-09

What you’ll learn

  • Create an online shop for your products on Redbubble
  • How to create a product with the potential of making sales
  • Learn to do a basic design with free softwares
  • Do an effective tag and niche research: find demand that needs to be satisfied



  • No experience needed in designing nor marketing



Online businesses intrigue you? This is the right place to start!! Print On Demand is an entry level business model that allows you to work from home and to create a new passive income source for yourself.

You don’t need a budget to start selling online products in this business, just your time and energy!!

If you are passionate enough to take your indipendence on another level, this course is for you!

In yhis course you will learn how to do a niche & tag research for optimazing sales potential, how to create simple designs with no experience and with free websites and softwares, how to properly set up your shop, what are the long term strategies that allows you to be the most time-efficient with your work and lastly what is automation and how it can save you a lot of time and earn you more money.

This course is for anyone, the skills you need to master are really easy and once you learn how the process works you will just have to repeat it many more times, the more the better.

Thanks for the time that you have dedicated in looking into this course and now it is the time for you to try it out and see what it has to offer you.


Who this course is for

  • Beginner-level self-employed worker who wants to create a stream of passive income


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Overview
  • Setting Up Your Redbubble Shop
    • Create a Redbubble Account
    • Desing a Banner & Avatar for Your Shop
    • Adding a Test Design For Your Shop with Photopea
  • Niche Research and Product Desining
    • Tag and Niche Research
    • Creating Our First Design
    • The Uploading Process
    • Other Niche Research Methods
  • Long Term Strategies
    • Product Pricing
    • Useful Strategies
    • Copyright Issues
    • Other Print On Demand Websites
    • Automation
    • Conclusion
    • How to Make A Sticker Pack
    • Class Project


Print On Demand 101: Create a New Passive Income SourcePrint On Demand 101: Create a New Passive Income Source


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