Process Design and Development

Process Design and Development

Process Design and Development

An Introduction to Process Thinking

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Instructor(s): Azizeh Elias Constantinescu



The context for this online course is based on the fact that less than 2% of companies that go on a quality journey actually achieved World Class levels of performance (reference ASQ Discoveries Study 2016). There might be many reasons why that is the case.

In my experience, companies introduce LEAN in the practice of continuous improvement. This makes sense because wherever it is that employees work, they use the processes within the organization and those processes are riddled with waste. At the same time, there is a science to the design and development of process which includes defining process standards. In addition to that, there is a practice of Quality Control (QC) that happens at the point of work within the operations that is based on process standards. In addition to that is the practice of Quality Assurance (QA) and risk mitigation on the process. Both QC and QA rely on process standards and are different from the practice of continuous process improvement. There is technical skill to be developed in all four of these areas and each is needed to achieve World Class levels of performance.

In my view, the technical side to process design and development is underemphasized in the practice today.  In this online course, I would like to introduce you to some building blocks and basic language for process thinking, process design and development. There is a language, a LEAN Logos if you like, and structure to process thinking that can help us to discuss, articulate, standardize and visualize the work that we do.

So, whether you are a Lean Sigma belt practitioner, a business analyst, or a manager responsible for processes in your organization, this course introduces you to what you need to know about process and gets you started with basic tools that you can begin to apply in your own practice.


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