Procurement for Practitioners

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Procurement for Practitioners

Procurement for Practitioners

Study and Apply Modern Procurement Concepts and Tools

Language: english

Note: 4.0/5 (3 notes) 2,452 students

Instructor(s): Sergii Dovgalenko FCIPS

Last update: 2022-08-22

What you’ll learn

  • Understand basic principles of Agile procurement and its practical implications
  • Review and test practical ways to improve the strategic sourcing process
  • Find well-established and innovative methods to deliver procurement value
  • Comprehend principles of value-based procurement and its differences to the TCO-based sourcing
  • Review and test multiple methods to increase the efficiency of strategic procurement processes
  • Conduct 10 different exercise and practical cases



  • Basic understanding of procurement and sourcing processes and governance



This online course isn’t about generic purchasing, supplier management, or negotiations. Such training is abundant elsewhere on Udemy.

As a consultant and tutor, I can spend long hours explaining each topic in detail. I will overwhelm you with information, which may sometimes be difficult to digest and even harder to practice.

It takes years of hands-on experience to learn how to process the theoretical constructs into light and valuable tools for daily use.

Putting on our students’ shoes, we tried to answer simple yet essential questions that make sense for every procurement professional, either a beginner or an expert.

How to practice Agile methodology in procurement?

How to excel in strategic sourcing?

How to deliver more value?

How to work more effectively?

Each section of our course should provide a few possible answers by offering best-practice strategic procurement concepts, techniques, and tools and trying them in real sourcing situations.

Then it’s up to you to judge which solution you can take to your office the next day upon finishing this course and exercise new ways of working.

Procurement training topics of this Udemy course

1. Definitions of Agile. Iron Triangle of Project Management. The true cost of Agile procurement. Agile supplier selection. Fixed-scope negotiations.

2. Reverse marketing. Strategic procurement management vs. purchasing. Procurement cost evolution. Sourcing strategy. Alternatives to the RFP process.

3. The evolution of the procurement process. TCO and value-based procurement. Sourcing levers. Value delivery.

4. Buying channels. Spend profile analysis. Value stream mapping for business-process optimization.

We will propose a dozen practical exercises and cases for you to try and decide what fits better.


Who this course is for

  • Procurement professionals looking for practical ways to buy better, deliver more value, and work efficiently
  • Procurement beginners and experts seeking ways to apply best-practice concepts and tools


Course content

  • Welcome Note and Introduction From the Course Author
    • Author Credentials and Introduction
  • How to Apply Agile Methodology in Procurement?
    • Definitions of Agile
    • Exercise 1: Agile or Not?
    • Waterfall vs. Agile
    • The True Cost of Agile Procurement
    • Exercise 2: Loss of Gross Revenue vs. Procurement Savings
    • Exercise 3: Iron Triangle applied to the legacy (Waterfall) and Agile project
    • Agile Supplier Selection
    • Exercise 4: Agile Supplier Selection of the Office Renovation Contractors
    • Fixed Scope Negotiations for Legacy Projects
  • How to Excel in Strategic Sourcing?
    • Reverse Marketing
    • Strategic Procurement vs. Purchasing
    • Exercise 5: Test Your Procurement Profile
    • Procurement Cost Evolution (+ Exercise 6)
    • Sourcing Strategy
    • RFP Alternatives
  • How to Deliver Procurement Value?
    • Case Study: Procurement Savings vs New Revenue
    • From Cost-Cutting to Value Delivery
    • The Evolution of Supplier Selection Process
    • Exercise 7: TCO of iPad delivery
    • Exercise 8: Lowest Bid vs. TCO vs. Value-Based Evaluation
    • Exercise 9: Value-based choice of air-conditioners
    • Exercise 10: Sourcing Levers Applied to Corporate Mobile Subscription Contract
    • Layers of Spend
    • Exercise 11: How to Achieve the Long-Lasting Value Output?
  • How to Work More Effectively?
    • Tail Spend and Buying Channels
    • Types of Buying Channels
    • Category Instructions for Buying Channels
    • Exercise 12: Spend Profile Analysis
    • Exercise 13: Value Stream Mapping
  • Final Quiz and Course Materials
    • Final Quiz
    • Course Materials


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