Programming Fundamentals in TypeScript 2022

Programming Fundamentals in TypeScript 2022

Programming Fundamentals in TypeScript 2022

Practical TypeScript programming to learn the TypeScript from basic to advanced with elegant TypeScript coding concepts

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (9 notes) 2,873 students

Instructor(s): Dharmindar Devsidas

Last update: 2022-04-12

What you’ll learn

  • Development environment Setup for TypeScript
  • TypeScript Type System
  • Conditional and Iterative Control flows of TypeScript program
  • Functions and Types of Functions in TypeScript
  • Object Oriented Programming with Objects, Classes and Interfaces in TypeScript
  • All the related coding examples and notes in TypeScript



  • To go through this course knowledge can be a very good factor but it is not mandatory. Also if you are a beginner and have some basic knowledge of programming you can easily go along with this course and get expertise in TypeScript



Welcome to the TypeScript Programming course

If you are a new to programming or an experienced programmer looking to enhance your knowledge of TypeScript or to learn TypeScript from scratch, you’ve come to the right place. This course is your one-stop-shop for all things related to TypeScript. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to set up a development environment for TypeScript.

  • Type System of TypeScript.

  • Conditionals and Control flow of the programs in TypeScript.

  • More advanced types specific to TypeScript.

  • Functions in TypeScript.

  • Object oriented programming in TypeScript

  • And all the related coding examples and notes.

  • Generics in TypeScript

Additionally, think of this course as the jumping-off point for your exploration into TypeScript. The coding examples used in this course are improved based on the concepts module by module in each module making it more related and easy to understand the need of the enhanced and the feature.

There are six sections in the course in total.

The first section which is a starter will be helping to understand the need and benefits of TypeScript and also it will help to get hands on with setting up the development environment for the TypeScript projects.

Second section describes in detail the powerful type system of the TypeScript in which we learn to use different data types in TypeScript.

Third section introduces you to the fundamental conditional controls and flow of controls including if else, switch statement, looping etc.

Fourth section explains us some more advanced data types that are specific to TypeScript and enhances the power of programming and we are able to write more robust applications.

Fifth section explains more fun part the different types of functions and different related features to that concepts.

Sixth part gives more advanced knowledge of Object orientation, interfacing, patterns, generics etc.

All these sections contains related code examples and notes etc.


Who this course is for

  • This course is for both JavaScript programmer who wants to enhance and upgrade their code to TypeScript. And also for fresh learner who wants to learn TypeScript.


Course content

  • Getting started
    • Introduction
    • What is TypeScript?
    • Article 1: Introducing TypeScript
    • TypeScript as Superset of JavaScript
    • TypeScript is a Transpiler for JavaScript
    • TypeScript editor – Visual Studio Code
    • TypeScript compiler installation
    • Practical: Setup a TypeScript Project
    • summary
    • Getting Started Section Quiz
  • Declaration and Type System
    • Introduction
    • Overview of Type System in TypeScript
    • Type annotation and Type Inference
    • Primitive Data Type: Number
    • Number versus BigInt
    • Primitive Data Type : String
    • string vs String type
    • Template string
    • boolean and Boolean
    • Enum
    • Coding Example : Marksheet Application
    • Coding Example : Bank Profit Application
  • Conditional Execution and Control Flow
    • Introduction
    • If else conditions
    • for loop
    • while loop
    • switch statement
    • Array basics
    • Coding Example : Marksheet with grades
    • Coding Example : Enhanced bank profit application
    • Coding Example : Profit with Compounded Interest over the period
    • Summary
  • More advanced Data Types
    • Introduction
    • Any and Unknown data types
    • Null and Undefined data types
    • Void and Never data types
    • Type Alias
    • Union and Intersection data types
    • Type Assertions
    • Type Guards
    • More advanced data types quiz
    • Summary
  • Functions in TypeScript
    • Introducing Functions
    • Named Function
    • Anonymous Function
    • Arrow Function
    • Calling Arrow Function
    • Function Parameter Types
    • Required Parameters
    • Optional Parameters
    • Default Parameters
    • Rest Parameters
    • Rest parameter should come in last
    • Bank Profit Function coding example
    • Geometrical Drawings function example
  • Classes, Objects and Interfaces
    • Introducing Classes
    • Objects and Classes
    • Simple Class in TypeScript
    • Inheritance
    • Access Modifiers
    • Access Modifiers for Class methods
    • Abstract Classes
    • Read Only Keyword
    • Static Keyword
    • Interfaces
    • Interface inheritance
    • Using Generics


Programming Fundamentals in TypeScript 2022Programming Fundamentals in TypeScript 2022

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