Proteomics in 46 minutes

Proteomics in 46 minutes

Proteomics in 46 minutes

Mini-course on proteomics

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Instructor(s): Omnia A. Mohamed

Last update: 2021-07-08

What you’ll learn

  • theoretical data about proteomics



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Proteomics in 46 minutes



Proteomics is field includes every thing related to proteins.

Protein composition, structures and activities are underlined proteomics.

We need learn proteomics because it boarder than genomics, by knowing everything about proteins, we can develop drugs which can treat different types of diseases.

First we know that, our genomics material is called DNA which carry all genetic informations in our body and these data applied on every living organism in our world.

Each unit in DNA called gene, this gene has specific sequence which transcripted to produce mRNA (massenger RNA). mRNA now ready to translated to produce specific protein which play important and unique function in our body ..

From the importance of proteins and their roles in our body and our life generally, I found that it is important to know every thing about proteins. but i found it must learn the main field of proteins which called proteomics.

So that from this course you will learn what is the mean of proteomics ??

What is the mean of proteome??

The complexity of proteomics .. how??

What are post modifications of translated proteins??

There are different methods to study proteins … yes, there are.

Low or high throughput proteomic technologies … this illustrated also in this course..

finally we will learn many data about Practical applications of proteomics in our life ..


Proteomics in 46 minutesProteomics in 46 minutes


Who this course is for

  • scientists and biological students



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