Punctuation 101 – Mastering Apostrophes

Punctuation 101 - Mastering Apostrophes

Punctuation 101 – Mastering Apostrophes

Ex-newspaper and magazine editor teaches you the simple rules to always using apostrophes correctly!

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Jason Davis

Last update: 2022-04-27

What you’ll learn

  • Understand why apostrophes are so important in your writing
  • Learn the three rules of apostrophes
  • Its – understand the exception that proves the rules
  • Master using (and not using) apostrophes in a wide range of examples
  • Learn how to spot an apostrophe crime!



  • No writing experience is necessary – just a willingness to improve your writing and punctuation!



Understand how to use apostrophes correctly with these easy-to-follow rules and tools, written by a writer and editor with two decades’ experience being a grammar and punctuation checker!

With both written and video explanations, learn this crucial element of English punctuation however you learn best. Then test your skills with a quiz examining each category of apostrophe. Multiple choice answers and explanations will reinforce each lesson.

  • Understand how apostrophes change meaning, and how they can kill the credibility of your writing.

  • Learn the three simple rules of apostrophes – and the one exception.

  • How to handle apostrophes with plurals, and how to avoid the plural trap.

  • Master apostrophes and collect your own apostrophe crimes!

  • Download your free apostrophe flowchart – never mangle an apostrophe again!

Your instructor

Jason Davis has more than 20 years’ experience as a sub-editor, editor and staff writer, and has worked on some of Australia’s largest and more prestigious daily newspapers and magazines. He has been responsible for the quality and accuracy of copy for publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, The Courier-Mail and the Qantas in-flight magazine. With an eagle eye for grammar, punctuation and clean copy, Jason has edited, checked re-written and improved the copy of some of Australia’s best writers. 

Along the way, he has developed a knack of simplifying the art of writing by  gathering and teaching simple rules and techniques that anyone can master. 


Who this course is for

  • Anyone looking to finally understand how to use apostrophes correctly – especially in formal, business or presentation writing.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the world of apostrophes!
  • Why apostrophes are so important to your writing
    • How apostrophes affect meaning (and can be a credibility killer).
  • The first rule of apostrophes – Contractions
    • Apostrophes that stand in for missing letters – with examples
    • Test your knowledge of contraction apostrophes
  • The second rule of apostrophes – Possessives
    • Apostrophes that identify ownership – with examples
    • Test your knowledge of possessive apostrophes
  • The third rule of apostrophes – rare plurals
    • Minding your p’s and q’s – Rare Plurals.
    • Test your knowledge of rare plural apostrophes
  • Its – the exception that proves the rules
    • It’s – the exception that proves the rules
    • Test your knowledge of it’s vs its
  • Practice makes perfect
    • Final quiz: Applying the rules
    • A final quiz review
  • Flexing your apostrophe muscles
    • Presenting your handy apostrophe flow chart
    • Collect your own apostrophe crimes!
    • Thank you for learning with me!


Punctuation 101 - Mastering ApostrophesPunctuation 101 - Mastering Apostrophes


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