Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

Complete Python Programming in 30 min – Get ready for Advanced Concepts.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Gautam Devaraj

Last update: 2017-11-16

What you’ll learn

  • Efficiently Program in Python
  • Understand Basic Python Programming Language
  • Will get ready to learn advanced python programming concepts



  • Nothing at all, This course guides you from scratch.



I will take your through a series of lectures and tutorials on python programming. I’ll be teaching how to program using python language from scratch, starting from installation to set you up for advanced concepts

Python is a programming language is well-known for being dynamic and simple to use, mainly because it allows the programmers to use a method rich in styles, instead of doing in a specific way. It also features the possibility of extending over other customization interfaces.

With this being said, now you know we will refer to the “Python from Beginner to Expert: Starter Free” Course and the tools offered. But before, you need to know that the Python Programming is full of virtues and benefits, mostly in terms of easiness and accessibility. It is designed to be read easily, characterized by the use of words where other similar languages use symbols. This highly appreciated feature offers a dynamic environment to the programmers, allowing a steep learning curve.

Why Python?

Python Programming is a simple and easy language to interpret and read, mainly in comparison with other similar sets of tools. This way, the “Python for Beginners” Course is focused on making understand the student this fact.

This programming language is going to allow an easier and more accessible interaction with the operating system, as the result of the proper file manipulation. It is based on a set of potent scripts, capable of everything you need to create in terms of software development.

Benefits of the Course

Thanks to the dynamism offered by the programming language, we provide a Python Programming Course that guarantee fast learning processes, requiring only basic math and Basic English knowledge as well. It doesn’t matter if this course is free. We still offer a free suite of lessons and tools to all the interested public who wants to fortify their knowledge about the Python Programming language.

Faster than expected, you will learn to use a language which is used more and more every day in our actual society. Every programmer, even the beginners with less experience, will be able to adapt the interface and environment of work according to their needs.

Read a little more about the clear advantages of taking this Python Programming Course if you are still in doubt:

  • Simplified and Fast: If you are looking a quick, efficient introduction to Python Scripting, with these lessons you will get results in a short period of time.
  • Elegant and Flexible: Thanks to the accessibility of the programming language itself, you will not worry too much by time-wasting details, allowing you to focus and being creative.
  • Productive Programming: Python has become a tool for productive work sessions, with a steep curve of learning and avoid at all cost the application of minor and self-defeating tools that waste your time. This language goes straight and simple.
  • Portable: This programming language is multi-platform, which means that it is perfectly usable on several operating systems like Mac, Linux and Windows. This great accessibility feature allows Python to spread fast among programmers.
  • Community: As this Python Programming Course implies several times, a language like this is only able to grow and improve through the contribution of the users’ community. Important changes and upgrades are made in an almost democratic way, with prior authorization of the vast majority of programmers.

With this free course, which offers plenty of clear lessons and tools, you will find quickly the virtues of the Python Programming language. The shared knowledge by this course goes from Modules and Functions to Strings, Sequences and Lists. Every aspect will provide a rich learning experience, preparing you for more cutting-edge courses like “Python from Beginner to Expert: Build 2 Advanced Applications”.

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Who this course is for

  • Interested in learning python
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs


Course content

  • Introduction to Python Programming
    • Introduction
    • Installing Python Package
    • Numbers and Math in Python
    • Variables in Python
  • Modules and Functions in Python
    • Modules and Functions in Python
    • Modules and Function Libraries
    • Saving Python Script into a File
    • Coding Exercise – 1
    • Solutions to Coding Exercise – 1
  • Strings in Python
    • Strings in Python
    • Strings in Python (Various Scenarios)
  • Sequences & Slicing in Python
    • Sequences and Lists in Python
    • Slicing or Grouping in Python
    • Sequences & Basic Searching in Python
    • More Operations on Sequences and Lists
    • More operations on Slicing over Lists
    • Introduction to Methods
    • Coding Exercise – 2
    • Coding Exercise – 2 Solutions
  • Conditional Statements in Python
    • If and Else Statement
    • Nested if Statement
  • Loop Statements in Python
    • While and For Loops in Python
    • Infinite Loop in Python
    • Coding Exercise 3
  • Functions in Python
    • User Defined Functions in Python
    • Function Parameters in Python
  • Object Oriented Programming
    • Class, Objects & Methods
    • Extended Classes and Methods
  • File Handling in Python
    • Reading & Writing into File
    • More Operations on File


Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

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