Python Pandas For Your Grandpa

Python Pandas For Your Grandpa

Python Pandas For Your Grandpa

So easy, your grandpa could learn it!

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Ben Gorman

Python Pandas For Your Grandpa



Wanna learn Pandas?

Then boy do I have good news for you! For three months I hid from my wife and responsibilities, slaving away making this course so that you could learn Python Pandas. In this course, I cover topics like

  • Importing and installing pandas

  • Series

  • DataFrames

  • Indexes (including MultiIndexes)

  • Reading and writing to CSV

  • Merge, Reshape, Aggregation operations

  • Dates & times

  • Missing values

  • Strings

  • Categoricals

including tons of examples, animations, and practice problems with detailed solutions. But rather than me drone on about the course, check out some of my free lectures in the course curriculum to see it for yourself!

Need help?

If you buy this course, you’ll have a commitment from me to help you understand any Pandas topics you might struggle with. I’m usually pretty quick to reply to questions.


This course was developed using Python 3.9.1 and Pandas version 1.2.0. If you’re on a later version, don’t worry – most of what I teach  is unlikely to break.

Throughout this course, I use Google Colab as my IDE. You don’t need to use Google Colab, but if you want to, it’s a fantastic way to execute Python directly from your browser.

Also, you could take this course without knowing NumPy, but pre-existing knowledge of NumPy is preferred. After all, Pandas is built on top of it. And if you don’t know NumPy, check out my course Python NumPy For Your Grandma.


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