Qualified Intermediary: Overview & Context

Qualified Intermediary: Overview & Context

Qualified Intermediary: Overview & Context

QI’s vs. NQI’s: Assessing the Meaning

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Qualified Intermediary: Overview & Context



This introductory course, presented by the Tax Compliance Toolkit, is your one-stop shop for all matters related to the meaning behind what it means for a financial institution to be considered a Qualified Intermediary (QI). Qualified Intermediary Agreements are agreements that financial intermediaries can enter into with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) to reap certain benefits. These benefits, however, are intertwined with large operational and administrative burdens, most of which can be very complex.

Furthermore, it is often the case the intermediaries are unaware of said operational tasks, and this is where we are educating the market.

This training course starts with an overview of the US Securities Landscape as well as the various ‘languages’ that need to be learnt along the way. The course progresses with an in-depth comparison of Non-Qualified and Qualified Intermediary Statuses. We then present an overview of the operational aspects as well as a Summary and Quiz to end off the course.

By the end of this training course, you will be equipped with the foundational knowledge to use in your respective organizations by bringing a very niche knowledge base.

We hope you enjoy the course content as much as we did in preparation of the material. Feel free to engage with the content as best as you can reach out to us directly for further assistance.



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