RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.

RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.

RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.

Use Python & Dash to Make A cloud based Inventory Application from Scratch! Take decisions Real time.

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (38 notes) 12,702 students

Instructor(s): Haytham Omar

Last update: 2022-02-08

What you’ll learn

  • Deploy an Inventory app.
  • make an inventory algorithm
  • reduce stock cost and increase service level
  • learn how to deploy apps in a hosted cloud service.
  • Dash
  • Flask
  • Python
  • inventorize library
  • azure
  • SQL
  • Cron
  • Jupyter
  • Automation
  • Inventory Metrics



  • Beginner Python sections included for folks who are new to Python !
  • one stop shop!


RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.


This is a project based course that will be a part of many courses on the same topic; in this Project,Mango Incorporation is hiring you to optimize their stock replenishment and automate the process for them. you will have to investigate their data and give them a real-time working solution”

Do you work in Inventory Control/ Procurement ?

Are you involved in taking supply chain decisions?

Did you ever wonder how inventory concepts work in real life?

Do You want to make a complete end to end inventory solution for you business/company?

Do you want to work as a consultant for supply chain?

…… you have come to the right place 🙂

Rescale analytics- A data driven supply chain consultancy and a solution provider- Developed The highest rated courses in supply chain analytics and Data science with Python and R and till now it is still the only comprehensive course on the  shows how to take data driven supply chain decisions with data science with Amazing feedback from students !!

with this course, Based one students demand.we take it one step further; we combine Supply chain , Devops and Data science to make a comprehensive inventory course for you.

Don’t worry If you don’t know how to code, we learn step by step by applying supply chain analysis!

*NOTE: Full course includes downloadable resources and Python  project files, Setup Codes, lifetime access, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

in this course you will be able to:

* Deploy a could based Inventory application.

* Inventory Management techniques to be applied in  real-time in a Dynamic Environment

* Stock Algorithm Development and Automation.

* Connecting to remote Database .

* Know how to setup the server where you deploy the inventory algorithm.

* Know how to setup network configurations between multiple servers.

* Make you app accessible through the internet.

Happy Supply Chain mining!


Rescale Analytics

Feedback from Clients and Training:

“In Q4 2018, I was fortunate to find an opportunity to learn R in Dubai, after hearing about it from indirect references in UK.

I attended a Supply Chain Forecasting & Demand Planning Masterclass conducted by Haitham Omar and the possibilities seemed endless. So, we requested Haitham to conduct a 5-day workshop in our office to train 8 staff members, which opened us up as a team to deeper data analysis. Today, we have gone a step further and retained Haitham, as a consultant, to take our data analysis to the next level and to help us implement inventory guidelines for our business. The above progression of our actions is a clear indication of the capabilities of Haitham as a specialist in R and in data analytics, demand planning, and inventory management.”

Shailesh Mendonca

Commercial lead-in Adventure AHQ- Sharaf Group

“ Haytham mentored me in my Role of Head of Supply Chain efficiency. He is extremely knowledgebase about the supply concepts, latest trends, and benchmarks in the supply chain world. Haytham’s analytics-driven approach was very helpful for me to recommend and implement significant changes to our supply chain at Aster group”

Saify Naqvi

Head of Supply Chain Efficiency

“I participated to the training session called “Supply Chain Forecasting & Management” on December 22nd 2018. This training helped me a lot in my daily work since I am working in Purchase Dpt. Haytham have the pedagogy to explain us very difficult calculations and formula in simple way. I highly recommend this training.”


Purchasing Manager at Mineral Circles Bearings


RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.

Who this course is for

  • supply chain
  • inventory controllers
  • software
  • Buyers
  • Consultants
  • supply chain management


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction.
    • Intro
    • About RA
    • Why Python?
    • Dash
    • What do we need at the end?
    • Static Vs Dynamic
    • Supply chain applications
    • Apps review
    • Curriculum
    • Summary
  • Welcome to the world of Python!
    • Heads up
    • Python
    • Downloading Anaconda
    • Installing Anaconda
    • Spyder Overview
    • Jupiter Notebook overview
    • Python Libraries
    • Inventorize Package
  • Python Programming Fundmentals
    • Introduction
    • Dataframes
    • Arithmetic Calculations with Python
    • Lists
    • Dictionaries
    • Arrays
    • Importing Data in Python
    • Subsetting Dataframes
    • Conditions
    • Writing functions
    • Mapping
    • Forloops
    • For looping a function
    • Mapping on a dataframe
    • Forlooping on a DataFrame
    • Summary
    • Asssignment
    • Assignment Answer 1
    • Assignment Answer 2
  • Manipulation and Data Cleaning
    • Manipulation Intro
    • Dropping Duplicates and NAs
    • Conversion Lecture
    • Conversions
    • Filterations
    • Imputations
    • Indexing toutrials
    • Slicing Index
    • Manipulation Lecture
    • Groupby
    • Slicing Group By
    • Dropping levels
    • Proper form
    • Pivot Tables
    • Aggregate functions in pivot table
    • Melting the data
    • Left join
    • Inner and outer join
    • Joining in python
    • inner, left join and full join(outer)
    • Summary
    • Assignment
    • Assignment answer 1
    • Assignment answer 2
    • Assignment answer 3
    • Assignment answer 4
    • Assignment answer 5
  • Dash Basics
    • Our First Devops
    • Intro
    • Our First application
    • App layout
    • Server Running
    • asignment
    • Assignment answer
    • Callbacks
    • Callback Example
    • Creating Dropdowns
    • Call Back function
    • Checking output
    • A very Dynamic Car App
    • Summary
  • Preparing for inventory Algorithm
    • Inventory Alghoritm
    • Workflow
    • Database for Inventory
    • MySql Server
    • Installation
    • Initializing Database
    • Welcome to Mango
    • Mango data Orientation
    • Preparing for Alghoritm
    • Sending data to database
    • Algorithm assumptions
    • orders data
    • Prepration Complete
    • Fetching data
  • Inventory Alghoritm
    • Harmonizing Data
    • Seasonality Explanation
    • Seasonality in alghoritm
    • Beginning and ending inventory
    • Calculating beginning and ending inventory
    • Stock Status
    • In-transit items
    • Current stock
    • ABC explanation
    • Drivers
    • Inventory Calculations Explanations
    • Inventory Calculations
    • Correction
    • Last stock on hand date
    • adjusting for seasonality
    • Policy Explanation
    • demand leadtime
    • Service level and min max
    • reordering policy
    • finalizing Alghoritm
    • sending to database
  • Scheduling with CronTab
    • Cron
    • Scheduling
    • Scheduling Part 2
  • Inventory App
    • Inventory App
    • Importing Report
    • Creating inputs
    • Layout
    • ranking attributes
    • Datatables Exploited
    • Alarms
    • Alarms datatable
    • Callbacks
    • Margin and Inventory Turns
    • Orange and redalarm Conditions
    • Subplots and PieCharts
    • Bar and Ranking Charts
    • Finalizing app
    • Debugging
    • App overview
  • Deployment
    • Azure free account
    • Deploying Server
    • Python Requirments
    • Setting up flaskapp
    • Server running
    • Dashapp deployed
  • Sql Server
    • Setting up Virtual Machine
    • Connecting to a new virtual machine
    • Installing libraries
    • Mysql Configuration
    • Jupiter notebook
    • Building Database
    • Database Set
    • running algorithm
    • Success
    • Connecting everything
    • Farewell


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