Re-Invent Yourself by Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Re-Invent Yourself by Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Re-Invent Yourself by Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Stop Worrying What Others Think of You, Reduce Self-Critical Voice and Self-Doubt, Be Confident in Social Situations

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Instructor(s): Joanna Bieszczad

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn to stop worrying what others think of you
  • Reduce self-critical voice, self-blame and self-doubt
  • Stop feeling that you are not good enough
  • Reduce fear you might be judged by others in social situations
  • Be able to accept who you are and start enjoying your life
  • Learn how low self-esteem develops and what you can do to change it
  • Have powerful and effective tools tested in psychology and psychotherapy to help you to improve your self-esteem
  • Have access to meditations and guided visualisations that will help you to achieve self-acceptance and reduce anxiety
  • Learn how to reduce social comparison
  • Heal your Inner Child and find self-compassion
  • Learn how to use body language to become more confident
  • Learn how to change your mindset to become who you want to be



  • No requirements or prerequisites for taking this course. You will learn the basics techniques that will help you to improve self-esteem and also in the second part of the course you’ll dive in into more advanced and in-depth techniques that will help you to do so.



  • 3.5h of amazing content created by a therapist with 4 psychology/psychotherapy degrees and over 15 years of clinical experience in the field of self-esteem and confidence

  • powerful and effective exercises (tested in psychology and psychotherapy) to help you get where you want to be

  • short and to the point masterclasses so they’re easily digestible and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the material; with actionable steps to help you to improve your self-esteem

  • an opportunity to be a part of a lovely, supportive community that will cheer you on on your journey

  • an access to an innovative technique that helps the brain process any negative memories from the past that knocked your confidence so you can be free of the past and focus on building an amazing life now and for your future

Does it sound like you:

  • Tired of worrying what others think of you and the self-critical voice in your head that brings you down and makes you feel sad

  • You’d like to feel better about yourself but you just don’t know where to even start

  • Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not good enough and you constantly compare yourself to others thinking they are somehow better, prettier, smarter and so on

  • Maybe you avoid some situations as you fear you might be judged by others, like starting some classes you always wanted to take or work meetings and presentations or even going to a party where you don’t know people

This doesn’t have to be your life…

With the Re-Invent Yourself by Boosting Self-Esteem online course I will guide you through a step by step process that will help you start liking yourself and even love yourself and not worry what others think of you. It will allow you to live your life on your terms.

Are you someone who wants to:

  • Be able to accept who you are and start enjoying your life

  • Reduce self-criticism, self-blame and self-doubt

  • Feel confident when meeting new people and when in social situations

  • Have tools to help you build a belief in yourself and discover your strengths and positive qualities that you didn’t even know exist

  • Start making better choices for yourself and your life for example going for better jobs, choosing better friends and partners, having healthier lifestyle and so on…

Then I can help!
And how can I be so sure?

Well, I helped hundreds and hundreds of clients to boost how they feel about themselves and I packaged all the best and most effective techniques in this course.

The course will take you gradually through a step by step process of improving your self-esteem.

The first past includes some BASICS and easy actionable steps that will help you to start on your journey from the first day you enter the course.

The second part will guide you through an in-depth INNER WORK that will help you to leave the past behind, build a much better image of yourself now and help you to become who you want to be.

So if you’re ready to take your life to the next level then see you in the course!


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to improve their self-esteem and confidence


Course content

  • Basics
    • Why Healthy Self-Esteem is Important
    • Becoming Who You Want to Be
    • Power Pose for Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem
    • How to Reduce Social Comparison
    • How to Quiet Your Inner Critic in 3 Easy Steps
  • Basics – Guided Visualisation
    • Becoming Who You Want to Be Visualisation
  • In-Depth Inner Work
    • Low Self-Esteem Formulation
    • Your Low Self-Esteem Formulation
    • How to Address Each Point on Your Formulation to Bring on a Positive Change
    • Healing Your Inner Child and Finding Self-Compassion
    • Re-Framing Your Past and Creating a New Story
    • Letting Go of The Past Using Bilateral Stimulation
    • Discovering Your Positive Qualities
    • How to Drop Unhelpful Behaviours
  • Inner Work – Visualisations, Meditations and Bilateral Stimulation Exercise
    • 1. Healing Your Inner Child Exercise
    • 2a. Finding Self-Compassion Meditation
    • 2b. Finding Self-Compassion Meditation with Background Music
    • 3. Bilateral Stimulation Exercise
    • 5. Positive Outcome Exercise


Re-Invent Yourself by Boosting Your Self-EsteemRe-Invent Yourself by Boosting Your Self-Esteem

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