🇮🇳 React and Redux for Beginners (Hindi)

🇮🇳 React and Redux for Beginners (Hindi)

React and Redux for Beginners (Hindi)

Learn how to build a web app using Reactjs and Redux from Scratch

Language: hindi

Note: 3.9/5 (49 notes) 4,772 students

Instructor(s): Tech Academy

Last update: 2019-07-14

What you’ll learn

  • Build an Web App in Reactjs from the scratch
  • Manage your Application’s Data with Redux
  • JSX in Reactjs
  • Elements in Reactjs
  • Get web development jobs on freelancer sites
  • Reactjs Lifecycle Methods



  • Basic knowledge of Javascript



This course is perfect for students or developers looking for high pay jobs or want to upgrade their skills in web development.

You’ll go from beginner to high-level and your instructor will complete each task with you step by step on screen.

By the end of the course, you will have built a Photoframe Web Application with React, Redux and CSS.

This course will show you how to:

  • Build a Photoframe Web Application with React, Redux and CSS

  • Use Redux to manage your data, make it more predictable and easier to debug.

  • Use React Router to navigate through your application

  • Create Class Components

  • Use JSX to build your User Interface

  • Use Props to pass Data

No experience required. This course is designed to take students with no programming/web development experience to accomplished React developers.

This course also comes with all the source code and friendly support in the Comments area.

ये कोर्स कम्पलीट करने के बाद आप एक अच्छे रियेक्ट डेवलपर बन जाओगे।


Who this course is for

  • Web Developers
  • Front-End Developers
  • Anyone who want to learn React and Redux


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    • Code Editor
    • Node.js
  • ES6 Crash Course – Optional
    • Overview
    • How to run the code for this section (DO NOT SKIP)
    • ES6 – let (Optional)
    • ES6 – Let vs const (Optional)
    • ES6 – Arrow Function (Optional)
    • ES6 – Template String (Optional)
    • ES6 – Prototype Methods (Optional)
    • ES6 – Classes (Optional)
    • ES6 – Spread Operator (Optional)
  • React Intro
    • Overview
    • Create-react-app
    • Create-react-app (Windows Users)
    • Elements
    • JSX
    • Components
    • Refactor
  • React – State Management
    • Overview
    • App Setup (Resources)
    • App Setup
    • Component Architecture
    • Functional Compnents
    • State Management
    • Update State
    • Prop-Types
    • Lifecycle Methods
    • Lifecycle Methods List
  • React-Router
    • Component Navigation (Resources)
    • Component Navigation
    • Browser-Router
    • Link
    • Route
    • UI Setup (Resources)
    • UI Setup
    • Adding Photos
    • Wrapping up
    • Source Code
  • Redux
    • Overview
    • Theory
    • Redux Store
    • Reducer
    • Connected Component
    • Actions
    • Updating State
    • Action(2) – Adding Photos
    • Redux Dev Tool
  • Redux(2) – Updating Photos
    • UI Setup
    • Updating Photo
    • Final Source Code


🇮🇳 React and Redux for Beginners (Hindi)🇮🇳 React and Redux for Beginners (Hindi)

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