Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits

Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits

Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits

How to Start Your Real Estate Investing Business the Right Way! Follow Jay Conner’s Proven Systems and Success Formulas

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Instructor(s): Scott Paton

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of real estate investing
  • Know how to evaluate contractors
  • Understand how to evaluate a deal
  • Be competent in evaluating the ROI of a real estate investment
  • Know how to pick a “Real Estate Investor Friendly” Realtor
  • Understand the importance of building a team
  • Know the best ways to finance their real estate projects



  • Computer
  • Understanding of ROI
  • Willing to take action
  • Good attitude
  • Willing to be of service



With 15 years experience investing in homes in his small (Pop. 9,768) town of Morehead City, North Carolina, Jay Conner has perfected systems which anyone with persistence, determination and willingness to work can do.

Real estate investing is one of the tried and proven paths to wealth. Ninety percent of millionaires used real estate as at least one of their paths to making their fortune. For the average investor, real estate offers the best way to develop significant wealth.

This foundational course covers:

  • Why real estate?

  • How to fund your investment

  • What is Hard Money

  • How to find Private Money

  • How to use Other Peoples’ Money (OPM)

  • The best places to find houses to buy

  • FSBO’s

  • Foreclosures

  • Probates

  • How to turn your investment into profits

  • Rental Income

  • Flipping

  • Wholesaling

  • And much more….

Plus, Jay shares his biggest mistakes, Case Studies of deals averaging $67,000 per deal.

Start your real estate investing career on the right foot, enrol today!


Who this course is for

  • Experienced Real Estate investors who are not making the income they desire
  • Inexperienced Real Estate investors who want more success and higher profits
  • Entrepreneurs who want a new profitable stream of income
  • Regular folks who want to make extra money
  • Anyone with a full time job that wants to get out of that job or make a second income


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Why Invest in Real Estate?
    • The Success Mindset for Real Estate Investing
    • Building an Effective Team
  • Funding Your Real Estate Investment
    • Option #1: Your Own Money
    • Option #2: Your Bank’s Money
    • Option #3: Hard Money
    • Option #4: Your Seller’s Money
    • Option 5: “Subject To…” Deals
    • Option #6: Private Money
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities
    • Introduction
    • Foreclosure Process
    • Probates
    • Wholesaling
    • FSBO’s
    • Rent To Own
    • Rehabbing Houses
  • How to Locate Real Estate Deals
    • MLS
    • Ant Farms
    • Bandit Signs
    • Tired Landlords
  • Case Studies
    • Rent To Own Case Study with Greg Ulmar
    • Foreclosure Case Study with Jay Conner and John Merriweather
    • Anatomy of a $70K (in profits) Real Estate Deal
  • Wrap Up
    • Help Your Fellow Students
    • Next Steps
    • [Bonus] Free Real Estate Conference


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