Recon in Cybersecurity

Recon in Cybersecurity

Recon in Cybersecurity

for Researchers and Bounty Hunters

Language: english

Note: 4.5/5 (278 notes) 9,111 students

Instructor(s): Cristi Zot

Last update: 2020-11-21

What you’ll learn

  • Reconnaissance for Cybersecurity Research and Bug Bounty Hunting



  • To successfully complete the course, you need to have knowledge of computer networking, the penetration testing methodology, basics of cybersecurity, basic Linux skills, knowledge of Kali Linux/Parrot OS, knowledge of Python and Bash. If you are familiar with other very used modern programming and/or scripting languages, this is a plus. You are welcome to take the course even if you do not meet the criteria, provided that you can get yourself on track on-the-go.



Highly sought-after cybersecurity professionals are those able to demonstrate their skills immediately. Being practical weighs heavier than degrees/certifications because it all boils down to what you can do.

In this intermediate-level course, I am teaching you a very specific skill: recon in cybersecurity. You will be able to apply this skill in areas such as cybersecurity research, bug bounty hunting, and penetration testing.

The majority of course-materials you find online are tailored to beginners. This course is nothing like that. I don’t show you how to set up an environment or how to install tools.

Time is the most important resource we have. Therefore, I cut through all of the non-sense and show you how I use my knowledge, skills, mine and other people’s tools for security research and bug bounty hunting. You will learn:

  • about my personal bug bounty hunting methodology

  • why recon can open doors to multiple security threats

  • how to find and choose good private or public programs to hack on

I’ll also teach you:

  • about my manual and automated recon tactics

  • about the importance of coding in recon

  • subdomain discovery and bruteforcing

  • about bucket hunting, github recon and dorking

  • how to analyze JS files

  • and much more.

By the end of this course, you will be armed with powerful skills for your professional engagements.


Who this course is for

  • Cybersecurity enthusiasts who want to focus on recon for bug bounty hunting, security research and penetration testing.
  • Cybersecurity Professionals who seek reconnaissance skills.
  • Anyone who meets the requirements/prerequisite and wants to learn recon in cybersecurity.


Course content

  • Lessons
    • Bug Hunting Methodologies and my Personal Story
    • Recon is just the Beginning, but it can be Big
    • Finding Good Programs to Hack On
    • How to Approach Recon – Manual vs. Automated
    • The Importance of Coding in Recon
    • Subdomain Discovery – Initial Contact with the Target
    • Subdomain Discovery – Eliminating the Noise
    • Directory Bruteforcing – Attack from Multiple Fronts
    • Buckets, Dorks, Github, and Shodan Research
    • Nmap, Nikto and Burp-ZAP – Increasing the Attack Surface
    • The Never-Ending JS Files
    • Digging into The Past with WaybackMachine
    • A Primer on Reporting – Don’t Sabotage Yourself
    • The Exciting Journey Ahead


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