Remote Onboarding For New Hires

Remote Onboarding For New Hires

Remote Onboarding For New Hires

An Employee Onboarding Program To Kickstart Engagement, Collaboration And High Performance

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What you’ll learn

  • Master best practices for onboarding remote employees.
  • Create a comprehensive remote onboarding program.
  • Kickstart new hire development and learning in a meaningful way.
  • Encourage connections and build relationships at work.
  • Apply the essential elements for the successful onboarding of new employees.
  • Set up new hires for success.
  • Empathise with the needs of new hires joining a remote workplace.
  • Anticipate and navigate every step in the onboarding process.
  • Create feedback mechanisms to refine the onboarding program.



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Is your onboarding process suffering from the recent digital transformation? Does it seem impossible to engage new hires in a strictly remote atmosphere? Are you representing your company with a legitimate and engaging remote onboarding process?

With the recent digital developments and online concessions rampant in most industries, the steps to a successful onboarding process may seem to have become untenable. This course is designed to help strengthen onboarding to tie new remote hires to the values of the company.

Having an effective onboarding program is the most effective way to support new employees as they navigate the remote workplace and seek to learn, build relationships, and contribute their highest level of performance. It’s also a proven way to grow your company’s profits, no matter the staff size or stage of maturity.

This course gives insightful tips for onboarding remote employees, helping snap each new hire into engagement, collaborative incorporation, and incentivised performance.

You’ll build actionable plans for onboarding through personalised, contextualised exercises. From this course, you’ll emerge with a foolproof onboarding process that represents your organisation in a favourable and radiant light.

New hire introductions are the key to employee retention, and successful companies know onboarding remote employees is as important and involved as onboarding on-site new hires. It is the first impression the organisation makes on their newly welcomed members, and the cold distance inherent in remote work can be daunting.

Bluntly stated, remote onboarding can be discouraging to new hires. This course will close the gap, easing the divide through a clear, demonstrative, and empathetic strategy for integrating and engaging new talent. You will make those separated by location feel immediately valued, inspired, and tied to the company with this course’s steps to a successful onboarding process.

So, take the first step in retaining that key talent. Join us, and design effective remote onboarding that best suits your company.


Who this course is for

  • Human resource professionals who want to adapt to the increase in remote working.
  • Team leaders and other members involved in onboarding remote employees.
  • Entrepreneurs who need to instruct their staff on successful onboarding for remote positions.
  • Any professional involved in talent management that wants to adapt to the changing nature of the working world, ensuring remote employees are just as engaged as on-site workers.


Course content

  • Introduction: Onboarding In The Remote Workplace
    • Welcome To The Course
    • The Scope Of Onboarding In A Remote Workplace
    • Why Onboarding Is An Essential Practice In A Remote Workplace
    • Popular Questions About Remote Onboarding
    • Activity 1
  • The Essential Elements of Good Remote Onboarding
    • What New Employees Need When They Join A Remote Workplace
    • How Remote Working Impacts Onboarding
    • Best Practices For Successful Remote Onboarding
    • Getting Started With Your Remote Onboarding Program
    • Activity 2
  • Kickstarting Learning For New Hires
    • Pre-boarding – Remote Onboarding Element #1
    • Designing Learning Experiences For New Hires
    • Activity 3
  • Encouraging Connections & Building Relationships At Work
    • Social Onboarding – Remote Onboarding Element #2
    • Connecting And Learning From Others
    • Creating A Collaborative Experience Through Onboarding
    • Activity 4
  • Setting Up New Employees For Productivity & Success
    • First Assignments – Remote Onboarding Element #3
    • Setting Performance Expectations And Goals
    • Coaching For High Performance
    • Activity 5
  • Transitioning From Onboarding & Measuring Success
    • Ongoing Support – Remote Onboarding Element #4
    • Measuring Onboarding Success
    • Creating A Remote Onboarding Action Plan For A New Employee


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