Rubik’s cube and Megaminx for beginners

Rubik's cube and Megaminx for beginners

Rubik’s cube and Megaminx for beginners

An easy, structured way of learning to solve Rubik’s cubes from 3x3x3 to any NxNxN, and the megaminx as a bonus!

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Wim Mullens


This course will teach you how to solve a Rubik’s cube, and as an extra other NxNxN cubes as well, and also the famous megaminx.

It will teach you

  1. an approach in solving the various cube

  2. identifying and recognizing the different cases you will encounter

  3. tools and simple algorithms to solve these cases

The course uses an easy graphical depiction of the cube rotations next to the standard character notation that is commonly used in other courses and online. This notation is mentioned, but in the course itself all algorithms are graphically drawn as well, including the cheat sheets in the back.

The basic course itself is just over half an hour. The rest of the video’s are optional and provide a different approach to solving the 3x3x3, and step-by-step explanation to the other cubes.

All algorithms are explained and described in the included manual, the last pages contain an extra copy of them, and can be used as cheat sheet, so you’ll have them easy at hand.

And above all, solving a cube is fun. It will relax you and will be satisfied every time all pieces line up correctly. With the methods you’ll teach in this course you will be able to solve a 2×2 in 30 seconds, a 3×3 in just over a minute, a 4×4 should be around 4 minutes, the megaminx in 6 minutes, and a 5×5 in like 8 minutes, if you want to practice a bit. The highest magnitude cube I’ve solved is a 7×7, and it takes around 40 minutes, but there are apps and websites to be found that will allow you to tinker with even higher magnitude cubes if you’d like.


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