Run Digital Marketing Ad Using Google Adwords Express 2022

Run Digital Marketing Ad Using Google Adwords Express 2022

Run Digital Marketing Ad Using Google Adwords Express 2022

An Incredibly Easy Method That Works-digital PPC Ads Google On Search, Display & Mobile Ads for Traffic,Calls & SEO

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Instructor(s): Yasir Ahmed, M.B.A

Last update: 2022-01-04

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Digital Marketing & launch your first campaign
  • Launch PPC campaign in only 7 minutes
  • Drive Consistent, Round-The-Clock Traffic To Your Website or Landing Page
  • Earn money on by doing digital marketing for clients
  • Understand Digital Marketing fundementals



  • Computer & internet connection
  • gmail account
  • Interest in digital marketing
  • Want to Run PPC Ads



If Google Adwords seems complicated then is course is for you ! 
We teach you how to market your business online with Google Adwords Express & grow business like a piece of cake!

Launch PPC ads campaign & advertise on Search, Display & Mobile Ads for traffic, sales, leads & calls for any business

Get more phone calls. Get more store visits. Direct potential customers to your website with optimized advertising

We kept it simple & design this 45 Minutes Beginner to Advanced Training with Adwords Express in which you let Google optimize your ad campaigns to achieve your business goal so that you can spend more time with customers & less time managing your advertising efforts.

5 Star Reviews By students : 

1) This is one of those courses that is very comprehensive, with real-life examples applicable to what the course objectives are. Without a doubt, the instructor is really experienced, very familiar with what he is teaching and is demonstrating the course as is supposed to be done on the platform where it is applicable. ~ Zakariyya Spain

It was very helpful for me. ~ Md Hafizur Rahman

3) Learning About Digital Marketing With Google Adwords Express-SEO 2018, and how to make your local business Global. This Course About how to create PPC ads and how to promote your business through google adwards adds. In which a good thing is practice make perfect.  ~ Mirza Muhammad Ahtsham 

4) This is so much easy compared to Adword, everything is so simply explained, i already ran my 1st ad while following these steps. I had no idea about this kind of SEO. This is amazing & i am so happy to enroll here. Best decision i made today: Best of luck to you.  ~ Faizan Ahmed

What you will learn;

You will learn effective strategies that work in Digital marketing like a Pro! (No Experience Needed)
How to use basic SEO to get your business found without failing.
Creating Successful Ads & structuring an ad campaign that captures high-quality leads for your business or website.
Having high-quality advert and ultimately give your business a competitive advantage over other advertisers.
Understand advertising fundamentals & launch your first campaign
How to research awesome Keywords to advertise & bring sales to your business.
Creating, managing and copy-writing optimized Ad campaigns in Adwords Express is easy to deliver better results.

Become A Pro !

By the end of this course, you will be able to run a marketing campaign in just 7 minutes to get sales, leads, traffic, calls & visit to your business! 

I will talk you through the most important aspects of advertising with a simple but effective step approach. 

As you follow the instructions, you will learn something new in every section of the course.

Enroll Now and start advertising!

Take this course if : 

If you  want to launch a career in Digital marketing &  earn good money

If you want to do their own marketing

Stay connected to learn Social Media, Digital Marketing & Video Marketing!


Who this course is for

  • All people trying to learn digital marketing in a very easy way
  • Entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers & business owners who don’t know where to get started
  • Anyone looking to make high quality Google Ads for themselves
  • People who get confused with so many options in Google Adwords
  • Anyone seeking to add a digital component to their existing marketing skillset.
  • Freelancers looking to run campaigns for clients
  • Anyone trying to launch a career in digital marketing
  • People wanting to do your own marketing
  • Anyone looking to start a pick up highly paid freelancing skills


Course content

  • Course Introduction – Updated
    • Introduction
    • Need My Help?
    • Adwords Express Sign Up
  • Getting Started With AdWords Express – Updated
    • 1 Click Access To Everything
    • Advertising Objective Explained
    • Define Your Business And Products
    • Create Ad 1-Traffic To Website
    • Urdu/Hindi Speakers Facebook Ads Community
    • Special Message From Yasir Ahmed MBA
  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals – Updated
    • How to find keywords
    • Keywords Trigger Ads.
    • Perfect Ad structure That Ranks you high
    • Facebook Marketing Mentorship Program
  • Creating your first Search & Display Ad from Scratch – Updated
    • How to use Keywords effectively to win
    • Cant Avoid Editorial Restrictions
    • Editorial Tips Proofread Ad
  • Creative & campaign settings – Updated
    • Adding Images logo To Display Ads
    • Search Display Ad Preview
    • Set ad campaign budget
    • Review Setting finalize Ad
    • Update Payment Information
    • Highest Rated Facebook Ads Training Hindi Urdu
    • Facebook Marketing Mentorship Program
  • Understand Each Objective Strategy By testing Different Ads – Updated
    • Practice Makes Perfect
    • I am here to help
    • Create-Ad-2- Call My Business
    • TIP-2-Only Pay when people take Action
    • Copywriting Strategy to get more calls
    • Skipping Images Enter Phone Number
    • More budget for more reach
    • Facebook Marketing Mentorship Program
  • Final Step: Be Confident & make an Ad in 7 Minutes Easy – Updated
    • TIP 3 – Get $100 Credit
    • Create Ad #3 In 7 Minutes – Get visits on Store
  • Congrats
    • Thank you
    • I am here to help
    • Ready To Leave A Review
  • Adwords Express 2018
    • Sign Up To Adwords Express
    • Advertising Objective Explained
    • Create Ad #1 – Traffic to Website
    • Define your business & product
    • How to find keywords
    • Enjoyed your learning so far?
    • What Trigger Your Ad?
    • Perfect Ad structure That Ranks you high
    • How to use Keywords effectively to win.
    • Can’t avoid Editorial restrictions
    • Editorial Tips & Proofread Ad
    • Adding Images & logo To Display & Mobile Ads
    • Search & display Ad Preview
    • Set Ad Campaign budget
    • Review Setting & finalize Ad
    • Update Payment Information to publish Ad
    • Practice Makes Perfect
    • Create Ad #2 Call My Business
    • TIP # 2 only Pay when people take Action
    • Copy-writing Strategy to get more calls
    • Preview Your Ad on Google Network
    • Skipping Images & Enter Phone Number
    • More budget for more reach
    • TIP # 3 Get 100$ Credit
    • Create Ad #3 In 7 Minutes – Get visits on Store
  • Bonus
    • Facebook Marketing Mentorship Program
    • Fan Page
    • Free Learning In Hindi/Urdu
    • 20 Digital Marketing Courses 90% OFF
    • Branded Shoes
    • Feedback!


Run Digital Marketing Ad Using Google Adwords Express 2022Run Digital Marketing Ad Using Google Adwords Express 2022

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