Salsa on1 & Bachata – Full Beginner Level

Salsa on1 & Bachata - Full Beginner Level

Salsa on1 & Bachata – Full Beginner Level

All you need to know is how to walk, it’s that easy.

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Instructor(s): Mihai Banu


All our dear friends and students have been asking us to do a beginner course for Salsa on1 and Bachata, here it is: we have explained all the basic steps, turns and moves that we do in our beginner class.

They are explained on the count, different angles and of course on music.

In your city the moves might be a bit different but the basic steps and turns are all the same.

Make sure you have comfortable clothes and shoes. The shoes have to be with a soft bottom so you will be able to move with ease.

Even though you might learn the steps very fast we encourage you to keep on practice them because each time will become better and smoother and more than this, when you will practice with a partner you will be able to focus on the hands and upper body movement.

Regarding social dancing we recommend that you should have a few t shirts to change yourself, dancing can make us sweaty and if you can bring a small towel even better.

Music is also a big part of dancing, we have a special course on Udemy regarding Salsa musicality where we explain some tricks on how to find the Salsa rhythm.

Let’s have fun learning Salsa & Bachata!

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