Selenium Webdriver: What are Implicit and Explicit Waits

Selenium Webdriver: What are Implicit and Explicit Waits

Selenium Webdriver: What are Implicit and Explicit Waits

Learn how to correctly use implicit and explicit waits using Selenium Webdriver

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (1,942 notes) 17,762 students

Instructor(s): Nikolay Advolodkin

Last update: 2021-09-20

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the importance of having good Synchronization
  • Understand Explicit Waits
  • Understand Implicit Waits
  • Understand the WebDriverWait class
  • Know how to use the WebDriverWait class
  • Know how to use DefaultWait class aka FluentWait



  • Knowledge of Selenium Webdriver API
  • Knowledge of Visual Studio
  • Knowledge of C#



Are your automated functional tests flaky? Do they randomly fail and you are unsure why? Is your team frustrated with the “instability” of your Selenium Webdriver tests?

If you are interested in fixing all of these problems and making your tests more stable, then you need to understand how to use all of the different types of waits in Selenium Webdriver. Knowing how to handle synchronization issues will make you a top notch Test Engineer!

“The best tutorials I have ever seen, simply awesome. I take off my hat in front of you, you are an gorgeous professor, I am speechless to express how satisfied I am with these tutorials.” -Lisbey

In this course, you will:

1. Learn the problems that can occur as a result of improper synchronization

2. Learn how to use Selenium Webdriver explicit waits

3. Master Selenium Webdriver implicit waits

4. Understand what a DefaultWait is

5. Comprehend how to use all of the different types of waits during appropriate situations

“Great Video I have ever seen on YouTube. You are so so clear and honest in presenting the material. I had no idea how important it is to use QTP from different angle, that is via scripting. Great Work and Thank You so so so much!” -Mohammed

“Excellent course. Before starting, I was unsure if I could learn this powerful technology, but by the end I was confidently writing scripts. I’m looking forward to taking Nikolay’s other courses.”  -James



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Who this course is for

  • QA Engineers
  • QA Analysts
  • Automation Engineers
  • SDETs
  • Anyone interested in further understanding Selenium Webdriver


Course content

  • Implicit and Explicit Waits
    • Section syllabus
    • Resources
    • Facebook Group- Get Access to our Test Automation Masters secret group!
    • Why did this test fail
    • Answer to why the test is flaky
    • Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Bootcamp?
    • What is an implicit wait in selenium
    • 2nd example of an implicit wait
    • How to make implicit wait work
    • Quiz on implicit waits
    • Answer to quiz on implicit waits
    • What’s next
    • What are explicit waits
    • 2 types of explicit waits
    • WebDriverWait
    • ExpectedConditions
    • Customizing the WebDriverWait
    • Framework Reviews – Survey
    • What is the future of ExpectedConditions
    • Proper synchronization quiz
    • Synchronization quiz answer
    • Final Exam


Selenium Webdriver: What are Implicit and Explicit Waits

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