Six Sigma Through Minitab

Six Sigma Through Minitab

Six Sigma Through Minitab

Learn and apply the Six Sigma concepts using Minitab 19

Language: english

Note: 3.2/5 (2 notes) 358 students

Instructor(s): GreyCampus Inc.



This is a foundation-level course for individuals looking to get up to speed on Minitab 19. For compliance reasons, as well as to get a general idea of the concepts and practices involved in applying the Minitab tool, this course is an ideal starting point for you.

This Minitab course focuses on forming the basic understanding of using the tool and teaches about Six Sigma concept application through it.

Compelling value propositions

In addition to the well-structured yet not-too-overwhelming content structure, this course aims to alleviate some of the most common issues encountered in taking up online self-paced courses by

a) leveraging our pool of subject matter experts and instructors to answer every course-related question within one business day, and

b) committing to a course update frequency of at least one update every six months.

***Important note***

As of date, this course is available for free registrations with a limited amount of content. The intention here is to solicit feedback from users to ensure that we do not leave anything out that impacts the learners’ experience. Free registrations will stop soon – we will add the remaining content then and make it a paid course. However, anyone who registers during this free preview phase will retain access to the full course as a gesture of appreciation for helping us with their review and feedback.

Course coverage

This course covers the basics of Minitab as applied for Six Sigma concepts. Among other things, it aims to make you cognizant of the following:

  • Pareto analysis

  • Mann- Whitney test

  • Kruskal Wallis test

  • Simple and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis

Included in the course

  • One business day’s turn-around-time to resolve all your queries by our experts

  • Updates to our course content every six months

  • 6+ hours of video lectures



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