SketchUp and V-Ray Masterclass

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SketchUp and V-Ray Masterclass

SketchUp and V-Ray Masterclass

From basic SketchUp Modeling to Vray Realistic Rendering, complete training.

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (80 notes) 9,173 students

Instructor(s): Shivam Jogi

Last update: 2022-01-24

What you’ll learn

  • SketchUp Modeling from beginner to advance level.
  • Some helpful Extension to use with SketchUp and advance modeling methods.
  • Complete training of V-Ray, covering material creation, Lightning, scene setup and Rendering.
  • Fundamentals of designing exterior and interior models with complete step by step example walkthrough.
  • Additionally, basics of post production through V-Ray frame buffer and Photoshop.



  • Computer to install and run SketchUp and V-ray.



Hello, this is your instructor Shivam. If you are here, you probably know what SketchUp and V-Ray is. SketchUp is widely used application in myriad vocations, be it Architecture or product designing. In this course, we are gonna learn SketchUp from scratch to advance level. The course follows advance methods of teaching and additionally there is example to learn steps in modeling an actual building as well as adding V-ray material, lights, scene management and much more in depth. The course is focused from Architecture perspective, yet this could be helpful for other users as well. In the V-Ray section, this course will guide you in depth on using various methods, tools and resources from V-Ray and as well as working on realistic renders. Also, the course features basic methods for post production through photoshop and V-Ray Frame buffer which will be helpful for users. The course is designed keeping perspective of practical approach.

Moreover, the course contains resource file of example modelled and rendered in this course, hence that would be helpful for reference and learning. Besides that, the course recourse also contains a material library collection for V-Ray SketchUp.

Class project/practice :

  • Model a house or interior scene.

  • Add V-Ray Materials and lights.

  • Set and manage parameters for lights, material and HDRI.

  • Create realistic renders.

  • Perform editing on images through V-Ray frame buffer or Photoshop, any that is convenient to you.

Practice enough, you can share your work through Udemy messaging or you can reach out to me through social accounts from my profile for any guidance in your work.

I hope this course will be beneficial to you, please contact if you have any doubts regarding any section of this course.

See you in class!

Thank you!


Who this course is for

  • Architecture students.
  • Architects.
  • Architectural Visualizer.
  • Interior Designers.
  • Engineers.
  • Product Designers.
  • Anyone interested to learn SketchUp and V-ray.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Downloading and Installing SketchUp
    • Templates and UI Walkthrough
    • Basic Navigation
  • Modeling Fundamentals
    • Modeling 1 : Fundamentals
    • Modeling 2 : Basic Shapes
    • Modeling 3 : Advanced features
  • Other Tool sets in SketchUp
    • Move and Copy
    • Group and Components
    • Arc, Rotate and Follow me
    • Scale
    • Back Edges, Hidden geometry and Un/Hide objects
    • Solid tools
    • Paint bucket
    • Tags and Outliner
    • 3D Warehouse
    • Scenes and Camera
    • Sections
    • Sandbox
    • Text tools
    • Shadows and Fog
    • Geolocating
    • Importing and Exporting
  • Advanced methods of Modeling
    • Extensions
    • Array methods
    • Material Placement
    • Styles
    • Dynamic Components
  • V-Ray
    • Introduction and Installation of V-ray
    • Asset Editor
    • V-ray Materials
    • Creating Materials in V-ray
    • Creating Materials in V-ray : 2
    • Creating Materials in V-ray : 3
    • V-Ray Lights
    • HDRI and Mesh Lights
    • V-Ray Fur
    • V-Ray Proxies
    • V-Ray Utilities
    • V-Ray Vision, Light Gen and Frame Buffer
  • Exterior Modeling and Rendering example
    • Getting ready with plan and importing to SketchUp
    • Creating Walls in model
    • Creating opening and adding Doors and Windows
    • Creating Stairs, Slab and Compound wall
    • Basic Design concept
    • Detailed designing
    • Environment setup and Detailing
    • Adding Materials, Lightning and Rendering
  • Interior example
    • Fundamentals of Interior Modeling
    • Scene setup and Rendering
  • Post Production
    • Vray Frame buffer
    • Photoshop post production


SketchUp and V-Ray MasterclassSketchUp and V-Ray Masterclass

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