SketchUp furniture desing + technical docs in LayOut

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SketchUp furniture desing + technical docs in LayOut

SketchUp furniture desing + technical docs in LayOut

Basics of furniture design in Sketchup and the creation of working documentation in LayOut. For example, the desktop.

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Instructor(s): Valentin Dolgov



Hey! My name is Valentin, I am engaged in the production of furniture. In my work, I use the SketchUp program. Sketchup is a simple furniture design tool.I have been using it for 3 years already, but at the beginning designing I encountered various problems and mistakes. This increased development time and corrections. Therefore, I created a video tutorial in which I collected my experience in furniture design. I hope the learning process will be easy and you will save time at work.

As an example, let’s create a computer desk with a drawer. In this tutorial, I will show you where to start designing, what tools you need to use when designing, how to create working documentation.

The course is divided into 2 parts: design and creation of working documentation.

1. The first block uses basic tools to design wood and metal parts. Separately, we will look at the correct use of tools: rectangle, movement, rotation, extrusion and many others. How to use texture fill to visually separate wood from plywood and metal.

2. In the second block, on the basis of the resulting model, we will carry out the detailing and prepare the drawings. With this documentation, the carpenter and welder will get it right. For this we will use the LayOut program and the Sketchup plugin.

I would be glad to receive feedback. What did you like and what did not like? All comments will be used to create additional materials.

Hope you find it useful.

SketchUp furniture desing + technical docs in LayOut



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