Software Engineering: Roles, Responsibilites and Industry

Software Engineering: Roles, Responsibilites and Industry

Software Engineering: Roles, Responsibilites and Industry

Learn about areas of software engineering pivotal for career plan. Understand the basics and apply in daily engnineering

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What you’ll learn

  • A quick overview of software engineering and role responsibilities.
  • Difference between software companies as potential employers.
  • Checklist to tackle unsuccessful interview processes.
  • Basic information to start analyzing career trajectory optimally from personal perspective.
  • Help new graduates understand software industry as a business beyond coding.



  • No programming experience is needed.
  • You are exploring jobs in the software industry



The course is an introduction to the complexity waiting for a beginner in the software industry. No certifications or silver bullets exist to a long and fulfilling software career. Instead, the course provides a brief overview of the industry and processes from an experienced engineer’s perspective.

The main goal of the course is to make the aspirants aware of the big picture before they get caught up in confusing job descriptions. A prosperous career cannot be purchased or fast-tracked. It needs daily nurturing via habits and coherent knowledge.

Moving between different-sized organizations often leads to taking up multiple roles. Frequent job switching can lead to career path fragmentation. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the situation, one may choose to be aware of the bigger picture upfront. The fundamentals change at a much slower pace compared to trends. Build expertise around fundamentals for a great career.

Course Overview

  • Components of software engineering

    • Algorithms, Data Structures, DevOps, SRE, SCM, etc.

  • Types of software companies

  • Types of roles in software companies

  • Frameworks to gauge competition and career trajectory.

  • Lessons from personal experiences about recessions and interviewing from a career perspective.


  • Software engineering beyond coding

  • Business goals of possible employer companies

  • Kind of roles available in the industry for beginners/fresh graduates.


Who this course is for

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Students planning to apply for software jobs
  • Begineer software or information technology engineers
  • Beginner developers of Python, Java,C++,Rust, Scala,C, Terraform, JavaScript, ReactJS, Devops, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Beginners looking for career advice about software or information technology jobs in developing countries
  • You have just started your career in software and want to understand engineering as an organization


Course content

  • Software Engineering Overview
    • Section Overview
    • Bird’s eye view
    • Data Structures
    • DS in daily engineering
    • Algorithms
    • Algorithms in practice
    • System Design
    • Contribution to design
    • Low Level Design
    • Design patterns
    • Deployment
    • DevOps and SRE
    • Documentation
    • Significance of documentation
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Performance Engineering
    • Tools
    • Scalability
    • Portability
    • Monitoring and Observability
    • Production
    • Source Control Management
    • Daily Engineering
    • Software Engineering Quiz
    • Summary Document (Check attached resources)
  • Industry Overview
    • Section Overview
    • Product Company
    • OPD
    • Services Company
    • Consultancy
    • Startup
    • Developer Role
    • Quality Assurance Role
    • Operations Role
    • Support Role
    • Domain vs Programming
    • Mapping to reality
  • Human aspect of the industry
    • Reimagining the hierarchy
    • A holistic approach towards career trajectory
    • Analogy for gauging competition
    • Talent pool breakdown [20-25 years age group]
    • Talent pool breakdown [26-30 years]
    • Talent pool breakdown [31-35 years]
    • Interviewing
    • Interview aftermath handling
  • Conclusion
    • Section Overview
    • Career from lens of recessions
    • Closing remarks and way ahead


Software Engineering: Roles, Responsibilites and IndustrySoftware Engineering: Roles, Responsibilites and Industry

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