Solve Rubik’s cube in 6 easy steps

Solve Rubik's cube in 6 easy steps

Solve Rubik’s cube in 6 easy steps

Learn how to solve Rubik’s cube in 6 easy steps and amaze your friends with your new skill!

Language: english

Note: 4.7/5 (29 notes) 310 students

Instructor(s): Noemi Balazsik

What you will learn

  • By the end of this course you can be the coolest among your friends by showing off with your new skill- solving the Rubik’s cube in a couple of minutes!



  • A 3x3x3 standard Rubik’s cube.


Solve Rubik's cube in 6 easy stepsSolve Rubik's cube in 6 easy steps



Did you get a Rubik's cube but it is on the shelf since you first shuffled and then never managed to solve it? Dust it off, I'll show you how to solve it.

I learned to solve the cube when I was 8, though my sister decided not to teach me the very last step and I had to figure that out myself. Since then, I taught a dozen of my friends how to solve the Rubik's cube with the very same method, and we challenge each other to see who's the quickest. My best time is 1 minute 23 seconds. Are you up to the challenge, too?

I'm not good at 3D modelling or high-tech video editing, but I learned to create good quality videos and added what I lacked from Rubik's cube tutorials: just a few easy steps that would be understandable even for an 8-year old and a bit of personal touch. So let me sit down next to you and show you how to solve the cube with my 6 super-easy steps. You'll see the videos as if the cube was in your hand, I'll point out the shortcuts, and mistakes, and well… I'll help you practice as long as you master the Rubik's cube!

I also added some extra content about how to choose the proper cube if you don't have one, do fun patterns once the cube is solved, do some basic maintenance (please-please, do not remove the stickers, ever), and what to do if you're facing a cube with nothing but mirror-like sides…

So are you up to my challenge?


Solve Rubik's cube in 6 easy stepsSolve Rubik's cube in 6 easy steps


Who should attend

  • Anyone with a shuffled Rubik’s cube.



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