Sorting and Searching Algorithms (Animation Based) – Python

Sorting and Searching Algorithms (Animation Based) - Python

Sorting and Searching Algorithms (Animation Based) – Python

Sorting and searching algorithms. Merge sort, quick sort, selection sort, insertion sort, bubble sort ,etc.

Language: english

Note: 0/5 (0 notes) 121 students

Instructor(s): Mehdi Hatamian



In this course, you will learn about the most popular sorting and searching algorithms through live animation. When you want to sort an array, you need to use sorting algorithms, or in other words, you need to put elements in a specific order, and when you want to find a specific element within an array, you must use a searching algorithm. My goal is to turn complexity into simplicity. This course is supported by illustrations and live animation. Necessary details for sorting an array or searching an element are discussed. Implementation is easy, and I have tried my best to simplify that. This course covers heap sort, quick sort, merge sort, selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort, bucket sort, counting sort, radix sort, linear search, and binary search. This course is provided for anyone who is interested in algorithms. The main programming language is based on Python. However, very basic knowledge about programming skills is required. All lectures are discussed from scratch, and don’t be afraid if you think your knowledge is not enough for this lecture. In fact, both implementation and illustrations are discussed in a simple manner. I hope you enjoy this course. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.



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