speak arbic like natives

speak arbic like natives

speak arbic like natives

listen to speak

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Mohamed AL ashram

Last update: 2022-11-18

What you’ll learn

  • Arabic letters
  • arabic every day phrases
  • Arabic grammar
  • Araic writing
  • listening to media sport cartoon in arabic



  • only interesting in Arabic language



Arabic is an old language .

It is believed to have originated in the Arabian Peninsula.

Arabic, which first emerged in the northwest of the Arabian Peninsula, is a member of the Semitic family of languages which also includes Hebrew and Aramaic. Whilst very early manifestations of Arabic date back as far as the 8th century BCE

The language has been defined and refined over a considerable period of time

.Arabic is at least 1,500 years old.

Classical Arabic originated in the sixth century, but earlier versions of the language existed, including the Safaitic dialect, an old Arabic dialect used by the pre-Islamic nomadic inhabitants of the Syro-Arabian desert.

Some of its inscriptions date back to the first century.

Proto-Arabs are presumed to have originated from what is now modern-day Hejaz and Najd in Saudi Arabia.

  Arabic is widely taught in schools and universities around the world  by traditional methods and is used to varying degrees in workplaces, governments and the media. Arabic, in its standard form, is the official language of 26 states, as well as the liturgical language of the religion of Islam, since the Quran and the Hadiths were written in Arabic.

Arabic has influenced many other languages around the globe throughout its history especially languages of Muslim cultures and countries that were conquered by Muslims. Some of the most influenced languages are Persian, Turkish,Hindi 

How can I speak like native?

 language skills are taught by two methods

Academic traditional

untraditional unofficial

traditional methods





test your learning progress  every level  and advance the learner to other

in untraditional method immerse the learn in activities

listen to drama

listen to old songs

listen to sport

listen to cartoon video clips

 all in Arabic try to repeat the words and phrases

the best English dictionary the English English dictionary

the best method for learning arbaic learning arbaic in arabic

I suppose my students know basic of English in first part of the course I speak in English

After that I speak only in Araic

basic arabic language sciences

Nahu arabic grammar

sarf words formation and constructions

imlaa how we write writing roles


arabic proverbs

araic conversations

in this course

I try to combine both methods and encourage my student

to get  benefit from both of them

listen carefully  to speak  correctly

  • Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

fix time for learning Arabic

every day

  one hour

every day for 6 month

you will be fluent in arabic


Who this course is for

  • students ,workers in middle east and arabic world,muslems not arabic natives,intersted in arabic literature
  • any e need to develope or review arabic language skills he already have


Course content

  • Introduction
    • How to speak like arabic natives
    • intro to the course
    • repeat letters to memorize its shape and sounds
    • حروف الهجاء مع الأمثله
    • how to write Arabic
    • الحروف بحركاتها مع الهجاء
    • نطق الحروف مشكوله
    • الفتحه والضمه والكسره shortvowel
    • أشكال الحروف فى أول الكلمة ووسطها وآخرها forms of arabic letters
    • أمثله على أشكال الحروف فى أول الكلمة ووسطهاو آخرها
    • تعريف بالمدود long vowel
    • المدود وكيفية النطق بحروف المد
    • الحروف الساكنه الحروف المتشابهه فى النطق التفخيم والترقيق
    • اللهجات العربيه
    • التنوين
  • vocabularies
    • How to learn Arabic vocabularies
    • how to remember arabicvocabularies
    • أجزاء الجسم
    • اجزاء الجسم 2
    • أجزاء الوجه
    • أجزاء اليد والقدم
    • اجزاء الجسم الداخليه
    • الهيكل العظمى
    • اللغه العربيه لغير الناطقين بها العائله
    • العائله3
    • العلاقات
    • parts of the body
    • Days of the week
    • months of the years شهور السنه الميلاديه
  • listen before speak
    • listen well to speak perfect
  • Arabic Grammar
    • eerab examples2
    • Eerab tree abbreviatioofErab in table
    • parts of speech
    • أقسام الكلام مع أمثله parts of speech with examples
    • علامات الاسم والفعل والحرف characteristics of verb noun preposition
    • علامات الإعراب الإصليه والفرعيه
    • المعارف
    • إعراب الفعل
    • المبتدأ والخبر
    • arabic grammar
    • الاسم المقصور والمنقوصMaksoor and Mankoos nouns
    • الاعراب التقديرى اعراب المقصور والمنقوص
    • comparison
    • adjective
    • adverb
    • ظرف الزمان والمكان مع الأمثله adverb of places and time
    • التمييز
    • المفعول له أو المفعول لإجله
    • التوكيد
    • adverb exmple
    • direct indirect speech in Arabic
    • Remember and understand
    • المفعول به
    • اسلوب الإستثناء
    • علامات النصب
    • علامات الخفض الكسر علامات الجزم
    • present eerab
    • مرفوعات الاسماء
    • الفاعل
    • نائب الفاعل
  • pronouns
    • pronouns
    • Newsweek النواسخ
  • قواعد النحو تعلم بالعربيه
    • الاسم وأقسامه
    • الاسم من حيث التعيين
    • الاسم من حيث العدد
    • الفعل وأقسامه
    • المعرب والمبنى من الاسماء والافعال
    • المعرب والمبنى من الأفعال
  • تعلم بالعربيه قواعد الاملاء
    • الحروف العربيه والمدود
    • اللام الشمسيه واللام القمريه
    • التاء المفتوحه والتاء المربوطه
    • التنوين
    • ملخص قواعد الاملاء
  • تعلم المفردات والاصوات والتراكيب من المحادثات
    • التعارف
    • تعارف 2
    • العلاقات والاحتفالات
  • تعلم العربيه من القصص المرويه
    • جحا والشرطى
    • جحا واللص
    • جحا وحماره
    • من أين للحمار عقل الملك
    • قصة أبو الحسن
    • قصة ابوصير وابوقير
    • أرنب على صفحة القمر
  • تعلم العربيه من الحكم والأمثال العربيه
    • تعريف الحكم والامثال
    • حكم وامثال
  • How to speak like a native Arabic speaker
    • secret
  • learning Arabic by listening to drama
    • wrestling Cena vs undertaker
    • A promise egyption drama
    • classic Arabic in international film Ressala Antoni quean vs Abdallah geith
    • intelligent young thief
    • the best 100 Egyptian films in century
    • arabic conversation in films shamy accent
    • video clips and songs a source of simple language
    • watching cartoon
    • listen to sport in Arabic try to translate to your language
  • تعلم العربيه بالاستماع للاغانى القديمه
    • كيفية تعلم المفردات العربيه
    • first time I fall in love halim
    • Mohamed Fawzi sing for children
    • poem night of lover
    • good morning umkolthoum
    • my heart is yours farid Alatrash


speak arbic like natives

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