Spiritual Psychology and Competency Training

Spiritual Psychology and Competency Training

Spiritual Psychology and Competency Training

Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing

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Instructor(s): Uzma Sharaf



Do you want to work effectively and efficiently with clients of various religious/spiritual backgrounds and gain confidence and expand your counseling or consulting business then this course is for you?

Spiritual Psychology & Competency Training is designed to train professionals in mental health and spiritual wellbeing, working with clients, such as counselors, interfaith and interreligious activists, life coaches, therapists, health care professionals, social workers, and other helping professions to gain confidence and be able to deal with clients of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds (RS).

This course will teach you how to integrate spirituality into counseling and other helping professions.

Why it is important to understand spiritual psychology?

Spirituality and religion can cause harm as well as benefit. Faith-based issues can cause inner turmoil and conflict that are often neglected and compromise spiritual and psychological well-being. The aim of psychology is to study human behavior. whereas the aim of spiritual psychology is to understand human behavior motivated by faith and tradition cross-culturally.

The course is applicable to all those who are spiritually attuned and wish to cultivate spirituality.

Get trained and be spiritually sensitive to establish positive relationships with clients and work effectively.

Throughout the course, resources will be provided for those students who wish to dig deeper into the subject, cultivate spirituality, understand the challenges and take control of their spiritual journey.

Students will learn

  1. What is Spiritual Psychology

  2. Developing Spiritual Competency

  3. Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

  4. Soul-Centered Approach with clients

  5. Role of Religion and Spirituality

  6. Correlation between spirituality and psychological well-being

Join me on this amazing journey

Happy learning 🙂


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