start your own detergents and soaps manufacturing business

start your own detergents and soaps manufacturing business

start your own detergents and soaps manufacturing business

The complete guide to detergents industry

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Instructor(s): Abdulqader Bin Aqel

Last update: 2022-11-18

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the scientific principle and production process of industrial detergents and their pH and concentrations.
  • Learn how to formulate your own formulation for your product and when to increase or decrease the active matter in the product.
  • Learn more than 40 different raw materials used in detergents manufacturing.
  • Learn how to adjust the concentration of surfactants in the products.
  • Learn common used oils and how to achieve good saponification.
  • you will be able to make more than 20 products and control cost and quality of the final product.
  • marketing strategies and cost calculations.



  • basic chemistry background.



The first online course teaching all types of liquid detergent, powder detergents, soaps and sanitizers. This course will help you to understand the scintifc principle of how detergents work, and teach you more than 40 detergents raw materials and more than 20 products used in our daliy life. After this course you can directly start your own  manufactrig business in all fields including :

Liquid detergents , sanitizers , luandery powder detergents and solid soaps bar. And you will get the complete knowledge on how to deal with chemical raw materials and how to avoid common problems in making detergetns. We will focus on quality control and quality assurance. The marketing strategies will be introduced as well.

After this course you will be able to identifiy most of the Raw materials related to the industry of detergnts and cosmetics. you will be able to make more than 20 products and control their cost depending on the quality of the final product.

This course is for Chemists or chemical engineers who work in soaps, sanitizers and industrial detergents plants. And anyone who is intrested in learnig the process of manufactring industrial detergents and soaps.

All you need is a basic chemistry background and then you can start formulating and manufacturing your own detergent products.


Who this course is for

  • chemists and chemistry students.
  • chemical engineers
  • biotechnology and bioengineers
  • environmental engineers
  • pharmacist
  • anyone who is interested in manufacturing detergents and soaps


Course content

  • welcome
  • Introduction
    • contents
    • introduction
    • market value
    • raw materials
    • caustic lye
    • surfactants
    • additives
    • NaOCL and HCL
    • Alcohol, fragrance and colorants
    • perservatives
  • liquid detergents
    • machines and equipments
    • HCL, Bleach and hand and body soap
    • dishwash soap
    • shampoo
    • conditioning shampoo
    • car foaming shampoo
    • car’s lights polish
    • super gel
    • Laundry liquid detergent
    • Fabric softener
    • Calculateing surfactants percent in your product
    • pH importance

    start your own detergents and soaps manufacturing business

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