STARTUP 101: The Complete PITCH Guide for Investor Money

STARTUP 101: The Complete PITCH Guide for Investor Money

STARTUP 101: The Complete PITCH Guide for Investor Money

Empower Yourself To Pitch Your Startup Like Venture Capitalist Geoff Moore (Scripts, Pitch Decks & Templates included)

Language: english

Note: 4.1/5 (101 notes) 2,364 students

Instructor(s): Stefan Devito

Last update: 2022-03-23

What you’ll learn

  • How to effectively pitch to investors
  • 5 step startup-pitch program
  • How to persuade them of your idea, product or service
  • How to feel confident during the pitch
  • A powerful psychological techniques called “hotframing”
  • What to say and how to say it
  • Creating your million idea startup personalized pitch
  • Feeling great and empowered by knowledge



  • Basic understanding of persuasion and influence helps



This startup course is part of THE BUYING CODE: 10 sales skills courses in 1

  • “He got to the point and packed a ton of valuable teaching in a short time frame. Loved it!” – Theatreche DouardtoulouseUpdated

  • “Stefan is enjoyable while watching and has he had holds my attention by animating past experiences as they relate to steps in his sales process.” – Adr. Productions

Having a startup, you know you need venture capital for your idea or project in order to bring it to a serious level – you got one shot to get it, but how to stand out from the crowd?

You do not need a good pitch, you need an outstanding pitch. In other words, your high school presentation skills won’t get you anywhere near the risk capital you require.

In this startup course, you learn how to build your perfect pitch in 5 steps. Inspired by venture capitalists like Geoff Moore and Oren Klaff, the author, himself a professional pitcher and salesperson gives you a clear run-down of what is going on in the head of those holding your venture capital and how to align their desires with what you can offer.

  • “I’m glad I found this course before I joined the sales world as it has taught me key skills to take into my career.” – Rodney. Doussot

Diving deep into the human mind, this startup course will teach you

  • How to frame in an idea to create intrigue, scarcity and urgency

  • How not to be needy in the eyes of venture capitalists and instead flip the script and let them chase you

  • How to anticipate and overcome objections way ahead of time

  • How to pitch to their emotional side while at the same time giving them loads of numbers and making logically sense of your deal

  • How to create hot cognitions in your prospects brain, the ultimate sense-overflow in the prospect’s mind that gets them to chase you

… all tailored for entrepreneurs, professional pitchers or startup-owners, freelancers as well as sales professionals.

This startup course on focuses on pitching to investors: how to pitch to get venture capital. It allows you to clearly frame your idea, product or service to get maximum venture capital. It focuses on the delivery of the pitch, what to say and how to say as well as how to structure your pitch, while giving loads of background what happens in the prospect’s mind when you do so – all of which gives your startup idea the push it needs to be successful. You can even even use these pitch examples  as a base for your own startup for investor pitch. Why not copy paste from experts wherever possible?

Finally this offer even includes a 30-day full money back guarantee, so there is no risk at all but a huge upside…

Attention: This startup course focuses on how to pitch, not where to look for VC money or which platforms to use. If that is what you are looking for, this course is not for you!

  • “Thanks for sharing the investors plan” – Ehausclub. Internet

  • “I really appreciate that Stefan understands the feeling of being paralyzed with “how do I begin?”, and that he gives great tips for dealing with the emotional side of sales.” – Alex3 Heures


Who this course is for

  • Entrepreneurs & solopreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Salespeople & account managers
  • IT people with a great idea but little or no venture capital
  • Anyone with a million dollar idea


Course content

  • Part 1
    • Thank you message from Stefan
    • Introduction
    • 3 step sales system
    • Bad example
    • Why your advice matters
    • Expert example 1
    • Expert example 2
    • Expert example 3
  • Part 2
    • Introduction overview
    • Introduction to the call
    • Introducing yourself
    • Introduction example
    • One question
    • Be a geek
    • Biggest mistakes during the presentation/pitch
    • Subject matter expert
    • The pitch – big picture
    • Overcome neediness, the deal killer
    • Overcoming neediness – pro tips
    • The pitch – big picture
    • The box
    • AIP
    • Internal preparation before the call
    • The structure of the pitch
    • STEP 1
    • Data is truthful
    • STEP 2
    • STEP 3
    • STEP 4
    • Enthusiasm vs. bottled enthusiasm
    • STEP 5
    • Pitch template (download attached PDF)
    • Premium Pitch Templates (Download)
    • Just checking in
    • Closing the mini-pitch
    • Mini-pitch: walk-out
    • Pitch: walk-out
  • Part 3
    • Pitchdeck review intro
    • The original UBER Pitchdeck
    • The original AIRBNB Pitchdeck
    • Decisions and Desire
    • The AKIDO Pitch Deck
    • For Pros only: Tying Introduction & Pitch together (Script)
    • Almost complete
    • Thank You


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